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Company TR Georgia Progect 2 Paid 5 084 469 GEL for 5 Thousand Hectare Land in Iormughanlo

According to Ministry of Economics and Sustainable Development of Georgia, in the villages Lambalo, Tulari, Duzagrama, Iormughanloshi, Kandaura, Giorgitsminda and Shibliani of Sagarejo region, Ltd TR Georgia Progect bought 51 794 128 square meter land for 5 084 469 GEL at the auction.

Initial price of 5 thousand hectare land was 2 708 117 GEL. It was being sold at the conditional auction as one piece. The condition was payment of 790 156 GEL guarantee.

According to National Agency of Public Registry, Ltd TR Georgia Progect 2 is registered on August 5th of 2011. The company was founded by TR Company which was registered on June 24th of 2011 and its only founder and owner is Iranian businessman, citizen of UK, Taieb Rashidmanesh.

“The person under this name had a company in California which was closed for non-payment of taxes and unorganized documentation,” – newspaper Rezonansi states in March 23rd edition based on the information obtained in internet.

On March 21st, residents of the village Iormughanlo of Sagarejo region expressed protest over selling village lands. According to them, Georgian government sold lands which they owed and cultivated for years and that which was their only source of income. New landowner plowed the land and destroyed harvested barley and wheat. Governor of Sagarejo municipality Gia Chalatashvili stated to Kakheti Information Center that according to the agreement made with the businessman, the inflicted damage will be compensated.

“We made an agreement with the businessman and the damage that the population suffered due to plough works carried out on the land will be compensated by the investor. Businessman is going to plant corn this year and employee 7 000 locals for future. He wants to built nut factories and greenhouses,” – Gia Chalatashvili noted.

Kakheti Information Center

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