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Reservist – Danger Expected after October 25


Gela Mtivlishvili, Information Center of Kakheti

Information Center of Kakhet [ICK] interviewed one of the leaders of the volunteer military reserve army Mate Mateshvili. He said the government is expecting threat after October 25 of 2012. Gerber knives were distributed among reservists, who took five-day military training, and they will receive automatic guns in case of necessity.

-Our duty is to scare Russians, if we manage it. If Russians or other enemy enters our country, everybody shall defend his own district because reportedly when Abkhazian entered in one village Georgian people did not leave it and defended the village. The same happened during the war in South Ossetia -local people defended Tamarasheni. So, they intend to distribute automatic guns to protect our villages, our people.

-And when do they expect the threat?

-They expect it particularly after October 25 of 2012.

-What did they teach you, what did they show you, what weapon did you work with during training?

-We fired from bombers three times – we used anti-tank weapon and remade Kalashnikov automatic guns. When I fought in Abkhazia, we also had Kalashnikov automatic guns but it is a different, softer and with better target.

If war breaks out and Russia enters Georgia, we will have to defend our districts. All our fellow-reservists from this village will protect their district, street, home, family and grandchildren.

-What will you do if there is water-flood or fire?

-Of course we will help the rescue teams.

-How will you assist them?

-Some of us can swim; others can drive; we can assist them in any direction.

-What does “Leader” mean? What particular function do you have?

-I do not completely understand it either. I was selected to be leader because of my participation in Abkhazian war. I am rather head of unit than leader. I must train boys in shooting and to select the best reservists from them; I will have to dismiss those who will not meet requirements.

-What else did trainers teach you?

-They taught us everything. We were trained like military servants.

-Who gave you those knives?

-The knives were given to those volunteers, who could use them.

-How will you use them?

-It is just sovereigns. Who could tell us go and kill people with those knives? But if it is necessary we will do it too; if I see somebody is assaulting my child, of course I will use this knife.

-Who will assault [your child]?

-An enemy… you know how horribly they acted in Abkhazia; how they fought; they cut heads off and scattered them on the ground.

-Will you fight with knives?

-With knives and automatic guns; we have good armament. There is huge base in Telavi. I wish there was no more war but if it breaks out…

-When do you expect the war – before or after elections? How did they tell you?

-They except attack from Russia after October.

-Did not they tell you what you should do during elections?

-We will do everything what they will tell us.

-Who will give orders to you?

- We subordinate to the district administration.

-Who supervises you?

-Military service.

-Will you do everything what they will order you?

-I will not shoot Georgian person. If the order is acceptable for me, I will implement it.

-Did not they order you to create data base of supporters or members of opposition political parties?

-No, they did not.

People were recruited to volunteer military reserve army in April of 2012 in Kakheti. Lieutenant Nika Lomidze from the Defense Ministry of Georgia told ICK that reservists would receive weapon in case of emergency situation and people will have to defend their villages. He said emergency situation means military operations, extraordinary situations, etc.

President of Georgia also made statement with regard to volunteer reserve army on April 9. He said who resists the idea of military reserve cooperates with the enemy of Georgia.


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