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Liberty Bank Annulled a debt on the Bank Account of Information Centre of Kakheti

On August 30, Information Centre of Kakheti was suddenly disabled to implement financial operations. According to the document provided by the Liberty Bank the sum is not available on any accounts of the organization because it has debt of nearly 33 million lari.

People in ICK cannot understand the origin of the debt. The representatives of the Liberty Bank clarified that they did not know why the accounts were blocked and added that they would solve the problem soon.

ICK requested the official explanation from the Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia. The ICK head also appealed the headquarters of Liberty Bank to clear up the issue and to annul the debts wrongly put down on the ICK account.

At the end of the day Liberty Bank annulled the debt of 33 million lari on ICK account. The sums of international donator organizations are back in the columns of available amount.

Before the mistake was corrected, ICK could not implement financial operations and make transfers during the day. Though, it did not bring financial damage to the organization.

ICK head appealed to Liberty Bank authorities with the written request on August 31.He requested the explanation connected to the debt of nearly 30 milion lari on organization bank accounts on the previous day and blocking the abilities to implement the financial operations.

“As it is known the Imedi Centre Ltd has opened its account in Gurjaani branch of Liberty Bank. The Ltd Imedi runs ICK and ICMM www.ick.ge www.icmm.ge). The organization works according to the law in force and according to the transparency of financial incomes and charges. Yesterday, on August 30, after we were not able to transfer salaries to the employees we found out that we were not able to implement financial operations. The obscure debt of 30 mln lari was on our account. After we connected to Dodo Bochorishvili-the head of Liberty Bank press service the debt was annulled after an hour, late in the evening. In spite of this we ask you to inform us with written document what was the reason of allocating a debt of millions of lari on the LTD centre Imedi account,”-the ICK appeal states.

The ICK annual income was not more than 100 000 lari in 2011. The organization has paid all taxes according to the law.

ICK (www.ick.ge) is the independent organization and runs Information Centre of Mtskheta-Mtianeti (www.icmm.ge) too. The latter is the only independent media in the Mtkheta-Mtianeti region.

Information Centre of Kakheti

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