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Human Rights Center Requests Effective Investigation into the Case of Rape of Underage Pregnant Girl


Human Rights Center is concerned with the negligence and ineffective reaction of Marneuli municipality law enforcement bodies to the crime, where an aggressor raped underage pregnant girl premeditatedly. 

Parents of 16-year-old girl applied Human Rights Center for help; they live in Marneuli municipality. According to their statement, on July 8, a relative of her husband, 47-years-old man raped the underage pregnant girl. 

As the victim’s family reported the investigation into the incident launched under the criminal law. The aggressor was interrogated and he admitted the committed crime. As the family reported the investigation body ordered medical expertise, which had to be conducted in a limited time-frame; regardless the request the expertise has not yet provided the conclusion to the investigative body. 

Although more than two weeks have passed since the incident, the aggressor is still unpunished and there is a risk that he will hide from criminal liability.

Human Rights Center addressed the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia and requested to take all measures to ensure effective and prompt investigation into the sexual violence against underage pregnant girl. The organization also addressed the Levan Samkharauli National Forensic Expertise Bureau to deliver the expertise conclusion to the investigative body in short time. 

Human Rights Center 

The press-release was prepared in the frame of the project “Support to the defense of rights of women, religious and ethnic minorities in the regions of Georgia”, which is implemented by the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)in the frame of the East West Management Institute (EWMI) program “Promotion Rule of Law in Georgia” (PROLoG). 

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