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Clergies bless children of Kvareli municipality schools from helicopter and threw sweets to them



Clergies of the Gremi monastery blessed the pupils of the schools in the villages of Shilda, Gremi, Eniseli, Almati and Sabue of Kvareli municipality from the helicopter and threw sweets to them. The pupils of Shilda village school # 1 said they did not go to school after this action and missed classes.

Director of Shilda public school # 1 Zaira Arevadze did not confirm information about failed schooling process. 

The teachers had warned the pupils about the planned action of the clergies in advance and the teachers themselves were informed from the school directors. 

“The pupils went to the action during long break. Father Joanne and Father Marcos threw sweets down from the helicopter. Then we all went back to school and continued classes,” director of the Sabue village public school Valentina Shablik told Reginfo.

“Father Joanne called me and informed they were going to throw sweets from the helicopter and make children happy with it. The children were in the yard during the long break and they threw the sweets down,” director of Eniseli village public school Konstantine Tskhovrebadze said.

Head of the Kvareli municipality educational resource center Ketevan Tchipashvili said she learned about the dropped sweets and blessing of the children only after the action.

Father Joanne said, once a month, with the support of the border police helicopter, they bless the boundaries of their eparchy and “sometimes they make children happy too.” “Today again, the border police helicopter helped us. You can contact the Ministry of Internal Affairs; they know everything. We asked the school directors to take children in the yard, we threw sweets down to them and blessed. Next year, we will do the same in other schools too and bless children.”

As for throwing down the sweets to the pupils of several schools in Kvareli municipality and blessing the children, who were purposefully taken out in the yard, the bishop said the clergies of the Gremi Monastery “made the children happy.”

The clergyman of the Gremi Monastery Father Joanne said they did the same action last year in Akhalsopeli village public school. “Next year we will fly over other schools and make their pupils happy. As for using the helicopter, representatives of the MIA were aware of it; the deputy minister Shalva Khutsishvili was also informed about it,” the clergyman told Reginfo.

According to MIA, because of presence of clergymen in the helicopter during training flight, when they threw sweets to the pupils in Kvareli municipality public schools and blessed them, professional authority was suspended for the head of one of the departments in the border police. 

“General Inspection of the MIA started a probe into the professional performance of employees with regard to the November 15, 2017 incident, which happened during the training flights by the border police helicopter towards Eniseli village of Kvareli municipality. As a result of this fact, interim head of the chief department of the Special Aviation of the Border Police had his professional authority suspended,” the statement of the MIA reads.

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