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Murder on the Boarder

July 29, 2005

Murder on the Boarder

On June 20, early in the morning, in the village of Vakhtangisi, Kvemo Kartli region, Special Department of the Interior Ministry noticed a citizen, trying to illegally cross boarder. The person didn’t obey law-enforcements and opened fire to them. The bullet shot in response to the fire, murdered him. He was taken to hospital where he died. Later it was found out that the killed person was ethnic Kist Vaxtang Margoshvili.

The Human Rights Information and Documentation Centre talked with Khizri Aldamov, representative of Chechen Diaspora in Georgia, regarding the above mentioned fact. Aldamov appeared to be the relative of murdered Vakhtang Margoshvili. He was able to give us the information his family members used to have. According to him, Vakhtang Margoshvili went to Tbilisi to take a treatment of the wounded arm, but nothing was heard from him during 2-3 days. His cell phone was off and family couldn’t contact him. They asked Khizri Aldamov for help. At the same time, information was spread, according to which, Vakhtang Margoshvili died in Rustavi Hospital.

Khizri Aldamov worries about the mentioned fact. He cannot understand why his relative, Vakhtang Margoshvili, was killed: “If this “kid” was guilty, tell us; Explain why all these happened and we’ll calm down”.

Tradition of ‘eye to eye’ action is still working among Chechens. Khizri Aldamov believes, if it was the murder caused from those traditions, Vakhtang Margoshvili would have said something before death, that might be connected to above mentioned incident and could make everything clear. He thinks that it is necessary to find people, most likely medical nurses, who were with him during his last minutes of life, but they are not saying anything.

“I can’t blame anyone, but the more transparent this information is, the better it is, because his family members will calm down and the wrong information won’t be spread as well”-states Khizri Aldamov.

Information was spread also as if there was a Georgian man with Vakhtang Margoshvili, who disappeared after the incident. Xizri Aldamov thinks that this man is the only weatness, who can clarify the situation and give right information, but the citizen has not been found yet.
Chechen Diaspora thinks that, when there is fact of illegal cross of boarder, than law defenders should react, however he demands to clear out fogy murder of his relative.  Boarder defenders are silent and know nothing about this murder that makes family of Vaxtang Margoshvili to doubt his guiltiness. Only thing that Xizri Aldamov and family of Vaxtang Margoshvili ask is explanation for the incident happened in June 20th.

Megi Gogishvili