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Brother Always Supports His Brother…

People dismissed from the “National Movement” are re-appointed to their positions


Close relationships supports people to obtain high positions in the Shida Kartli Regional Administrative Board. According to the Press-Service Center for the Regional Gubernator, Davit Kekelishvili, former Deputy Governor, was appointed to the position of the Deputy Gubernator. During his activities in the Administrative Board, Kekelishvili patronized his brother and the latter was appointed as a director of the Sport-School. Kekelishvili apportioned 70 000 lari to his brother’s school.

Kekelishvilis are respectable people among the supporters of Gubernator, Mikheil Kareli. In 2004 Davit Kekelishvili was deputy chairman of the local National Movement and MP Lado Gelashvili was the chairman.

At that time, National Movement opened a free canteen in Gori and apportioned quite a big amount of money for the purpose. Davit Kekelishvili was put in charge of the initiative. Having arrived at the opening ceremony, Davit Kirkitadze and Giorgi Arveladze, representatives of the Secretariat General of the leading party, found out that the canteen was opened in half-ruined building and sanitary norms were violated. The funds were spent unreasonably. The canteen was closed down on the same day it was opened. The National Party apportioned additional funds to rehabilitate the building and Kekelishvili was dismissed from the party because of peculation.

Afterwards, Mikheil Kareli promoted Kekelishvili to the position of Deputy District Governor. The scandal regarding the canteen did not finish at that point. At the baptize party of MP Lado Gelashvili’s child, Kekelishvili had serious disagreement with the members of local organization of National Movement.

Davit Kekelishvili quarreled with Kakha Gamdlishvili, the leader of the Gori Youth Branch for National Movement. As a result of the incident Kekelishvili had brain concussion and his treatment lasted 21 days. The reason of the controversy was peculation of canteen funds and rivals were blaming each other. 

In parallel to the canteen problem, Kekelishvilis were involved in another scandal. Davit Kekelishvili’s brother, Vazha Kekelishvili was appointed as a director of the Gori Culture and Rest Park. Mikheil Kareli spent 166 000lari from his fund on the park. The President attended its opening ceremony. Saakashvili gave Vazha Kekelishvili “Big key of Pinocchio” as a present and then sat on roundabouts. The park was officially opened on May 18 2004 and several days later, on June 1 2004, the chain of the roundabout broke and eleven-year-old Tamta Zedgenidze was badly injured. It was miracle that the girl survived alive.

Afterwards, it turned out that old roundabouts, ready to send to the scrap-iron, were installed in the Gori Park. It was also mentioned that a lot of money, apportioned to rehabilitate the park, was also peculated. The accident about the chain aggravated the situation because the President was sitting on that particular roundabout.

Initially, Davit Kekelishvili was appointed as a Deputy Governor and then his brother, Vazha Kekelishvili, resigned from his position of the director of the park, was appointed as a director of Sport-School. In 2004-2006 Davit Kekelishvili was in charge of healthcare, social and culture field in the administration and he apportioned 70 000 lari to the Sport-School. However, the building is still in poor conditions. Although representatives of the school claim that the funds were spent on some other activities, additional 70 000 lari is apportioned for sport activities from the Municipality Budget.

Davit Kekelishvili refused to comment on the situation. As soon as representatives of the press-service center learned the reason of our interest, they preferred to keep silence.

Saba Tsitsikashvili, Gori

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