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“I remember November 7!”

“This day is associated with Blood and Shame…”

Shorena Kakabadze, Kutaisi

On November 2 non-governmental organizations gathered near the TV Company “Imedi” in Tbilisi and presented the plan of protest rallies for November 7, 2009.

“We call upon everybody, who cares about dignity, national and state interests and democratic values. to come to the Public Broadcasting at 3:00 pm in Tbilisi and take part in the protest walking “, the appeal was spread throughout Georgia and non-governmental organizations, thousands of citizens joined the initiative in Kutaisi as well as in other parts of Georgia.

Today, Georgian people feel the same when they remember the events of November 7, 2007 and raid in TV Company “Imedi”. Although much time has passed since November 7, 2007 and many other important events have happened in the country, November 7, 2007 is still unforgettable.

We requested citizens of Kutaisi to remember November 7 and express their position about this day 2 years laters.

George Janelidze, 29-year-old: “Tomorrow I will defend the honor of my country as I did on November 7, 2007. Saakashvili and his government thought they would frighten people and people would surrender. We all remember it. People are ready to fight today and the future will show us what to do. We will not stop until this false performance and poor democracy finish”.

Mari Laghadze, 27-year-old: “The phrase was spread among people then: “I remember November 7!”I knew exactly and I know it now that I will remember and never forget this day. This was very bad day in the latest history of our country and it takes a lot of time to discharge from this shame. This day is associated with shame, blood and disregarded honor for me”.

Manana Aasatiani, 43-year-old:”Georgian government committed a great crime before the country and its people on November 7, 2007. This was a terrible fact, which will be recorded as a page of shame in Georgian history. I join the appeal of non-governmental organizations. I am sure many Georgians agree with me. People are tired of fabrication and it is time to end it finally”.

Tariel Giorgadze, 61-year-old:” November 7, 2007 will be never removed from the history of Georgia. Georgian government did it and it will not be forgiven to them. Russian aggression against Georgia followed this date, which resulted into the disaster for hundreds and thousands of people. Our government did not mercy us and why we had illusion that Russia would mercy us? What did Russia do worse than dispersal of TV Company “Imedi” and trampling over pregnant people? Our government was punished for what they had done”.

Tamaz Chirgadze, 55-year-old:”I know what Georgian government is going to do tomorrow. I do not know what they will say after two years. But I know one thing that people will not stop until they achieve their goals. People will not put up with this government, police regime and situation in the country. We should say the truth- opposition did not realize the expectations of the people .Now it is time for the civil society to step forward towards democracy and should not retreat. We will be relieved only after that. Otherwise we will die”.

Maka Gumberidze, 33-year-old: “I have same feeling now as on November 7, 2007 I remember when I went in the city centre on November 8, it was full of policemen. There was terrible silence everywhere. Policemen were regulating order in front of Kutaisi City Hall, though nobody breached it. They took teachers and pupils out of schools to the city centre. They stopped educational process. It was done because government was afraid people would travel to Tbilisi. People started for the capital were stopped. They confiscated mini-buses from drivers. Shortly, it was hard”.

Neli Gigineishvili, 61-year-old:”Such days are not forgotten. Generally, we cannot forget those events”.

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