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Shota Tsanava: “Doctor Cannot Detect a Person Crossing the Border Has H1N1 or Not”

Tako Khutsishvili

More and more people get ill with H1N1 in Georgia though their number increases slowly. At the moment, 65 people have H1N1 in Georgia but none of them have acute forms of the flu. Most of the people got infected abroad. Consequently, the society is curious why the control is not reinforced at the border and particularly in the airport in order to avoid the danger of epidemics in Georgia.

The World Health Organization assessed the so-called “Swain Flu” to be very weird one. It is combination of human, swain and hen flu.

The Ministry of Health of Georgia and corresponding structures started to implement anti-virus activities from May, 2009. They trained personnel in lab diagnostics and treatment; population was provided with additional information; the government has created reserve of the anti-virus medicines. However, all abovementioned activities could not prevent the spread of virus in the country.

Mostly, Georgian citizens arriving from abroad or foreigners spread virus in Georgia. Particularly tough situation is in the Ukraine, where more than 100 people died of the H1N1. The government has announced quarantine in the country because of high number of lethal facts.

Deputy Director of the National Center for Disease Control Shota Tsanava thinks the quarantine is ineffective measure which will prevent the spread of the virus in the country. “We have not announced quarantine in the entire country and will not announce it in future either. However, if the situation gets worse, we might apply to it only in local areas. This flu is an ordinary illness for the season so we have not closed borders and have not created barriers for professional activities of our citizens.”

The Human Rights Center inquired why the control is not reinforced at the airport and Shota Tsanava replied: “We cannot forbid our citizens to arrive in Georgia; it is impossible. We cannot examine people at the border either. There is no method worked out and doctor cannot detect whether the person has virus or not. Maybe somebody has running temperature but the reason might be another disease. We just warn every person who arrives from epidemic countries about the danger and if s/he has some symptom we ask them to visit the doctor immediately. We hand out booklets to provide people with complete information about the virus.”

The National Center for Disease Control states the number of infected people will increase because in autumn and winter more people have flu. If you have high temperature, and your articulation system starts to ache, you should immediately visit doctor in order to avoid further complications.

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