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Fakes Found in the Prison Hospitals


Fakes Found in the Prison Hospitals

15/09/05, “GHN” -  According to the order of the Ministry of Justice, the general inspection together with an independent medical commission conducted a research, which showed that the health condition of part of the prisoners held in hospitals is stable. The research was done in the hospital of Jail №1 and in other medical places of the Ministry of Justice.

The independent commission established that the conditions of the prisoners who were moved back to jail from the hospitals on the 11th of September are satisfactory. Representatives of the Human Rights Defender’s Office and several NGOs demanded to put the prisoners back in the clinics. Members of the independent medical commission say that only 8 of 21 prisoners need to remain in hospital for treatment. The health condition of all the prisoners were reconsidered.  

According to the information of the Ministry of Justice, one of the inmates - Levan Tsanava was transferred from jail to hospital with the help of Mariam Jishkariani, head of the NGO “Empathy”. According to the report made by Jishkariani, Tsanava had serious psychical problems and needed treatment and close observation. Normally, the decision to move prisoners from jail to a hospital is made in pursuit of an order granted by the relevant commission. After having checked Tsanava’s heath, he was considered to be normal.

Another healthy prisoner, George Jokhadze was taken to the hospital of jail №1. He was put there after the conclusion of the representative of the Human Right Defender’s Office - Lana Galdava. Galdava was accompanied to the prison by the psychiatrist Marina Gogokhia, who checked the condition of the prisoner. Galdava said that Jokhadze was in need of medical treatment.

The General Inspection and the Independent Medical Commission, together with the Ministry of Justice, continue their search for other misjudged cases. 

Due to the recent situation, the head of the Medical Department of the Ministry of Justice - Ramaz Ghuladze removed the chief of the penitentiary department Shota Kopadze and the head of the general inspection Irakli Fancxava. After this, he himself resigned from his post.

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