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IDP Woman Threatens To Commit Suicide in Protest

IDP Zina Gagloshvili resides in the village of Melaani in the Gurjaani District and is a disabled person of the second group. She has been demanding a permission to bury her son in Georgia who died in Orjonikidze and was consequently buried there too.

Gagloshvili said in his conversation with the Human Rights Centre that she had applied to the local authority several times in vain. “I am extremely poor. My pension is the only income for me. I have petitioned to the district authority several times however they did not listen to me. They might not be able to resolve this problem but they definitely can mediate me with those high ranking officials who are in power to help me. Despite that they declared I was a mad. My health has worsened after representatives of the authority started to make fun of me.  If nobody pays attention to me and do not assist me to return the body of my dead son, I will kill myself in front of the Municipality building in protest,” wrote the woman in her application.

Nobody comments on the situation at the Gurjaani Municipality.

The Human Rights Centre is concerned about the local authority’s attitude to the IDP woman and calls upon the corresponding bodies to react on the situation to avoid the fact of suicide.

Gela Mtivlishvili, Kakheti

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