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The statement of TV-Company Maestro’s owners


To media, NGOs, the diplomatic corps accredited in Georgia, international Observers

In order to expand the coverage area of TV-Company Maestro, PR-campaign "Maestro in every family" was launched on July 3, 2012; in the frame of this campaign, it was planned to install satellite dishes in the regions during the summer. The first symbolic satellite dish was installed in the village of Khandaki on 3rd of July.

The Chief Prosecutor’s Office has released a statement on July 11, 2012, and "in accordance with the Criminal Procedural Code," and appealed to the court to “sequester imported antennas” of the TV-company Maestro. The court discussed and satisfied the petition without verbal hearing on 11th of July, 2012. The prosecutor clarified that their purpose was to protect the pre-election process from possible criminal interference and to ensure electoral rights and freedom of speech of citizens and political parties.

TV-company Maestro declares that it is an independent private company, whose sole interest is to promote its development and increase number of its audience.

Installation of satellite dishes was a business plan of the company and management believes that by hindering their activities, the Prosecutor’s office and the court hinder development of Maestro, as free media-organization. In this light, it restricts the right of the society to receive diverse information, which is the most important problem especially 2 months before the elections.

Founders of TV-company MAESTRO


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