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“Media Group” Appeared In Samtredia Too

There was an incident near Georgian Dream member, Kakhi Kaladze’s house in Samtredia on July 23. The representatives of “Media Group” appeared there with cameras and microphones when Kakhi Kaladze was at home.

According to the witnesses, the “INFO9” camera appeared soon after the incident. The video released late at night shows how “Media Group” members address the “INFO9” operator. The “MediaGroup” journalist was interested in the purpose of the operator’s visit and whether or not was he the press service of Georgian Dream.

Kaladze’s neighbours asked the “Media Group” representative to leave the place.”We need peace and it is not necessary to come here many times. I do not wish to be at your place. The fact like this happened for the second time. Let us be peacefull”, Kaladze’s neighbours said.

Later Kakhi Kaladze, Georgian Dream’s major deputy in Samtredia, told “INFO9” journalist that ”Media Group” members entered the yard and the guard took them out”.

Manana Elishvili, the “INFO9” director, said ”I want to find out who are the people representing the “Media Group” yesterday and were interviewing our operator. I want to know their names.  Disturbing the “INFO9” journalists while they are working has turned into a daily occurrence. We sued against several incidents and it is possible that we will appeal the law defending structures again in the future”.
                                                                                                                        Mari Tabidze, Samtredia

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