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Nugzar Giorgadze from Tskhemliskhidi Found His Pavlonias Chopped Down

Nugzar Giorgadze, resident of Tskhemliskhidi village in Ozurgeti district, found 85 out of 250 plants of Pavlonia in his own estate deforested.

Regional correspondent of Interpressnews said the Giorgadzes claim the incident is political revenge.

Nugzar Giorgadze said they received both moral and financial damage of 4000 lari.

“We planted Pavlonia this year. We paid 4 dollars for each plant. Besides it needs special fertilizer which is very expensive. It takes minimum 5 years to grow up and one cubic meter of the wood costs about 2000 lari”, Rusudan Memarnishvili, Nugzar Giorgadze’s wife told Interpressnews.

The victimized family applied to law enforcement bodies. Policemen took Giorgadze to police office and questioned him after having inspected the garden. Leaving the police office after two hours investigation Giorgadze said Ozurgeti district police started the investigation on the fact.

As Giorgadze said he decided to plant the Pavlonia to show to the government that it is easy to grow this plant, to employee people and also, how to receive solid income in several years.

“Georgian Dream’s majoritarian candidate Zviad Kvachantiradze visited the village several days ago. I criticized the government severely while meeting him. So I connect this incident with my political affiliation. I hope law enforcement bodies will investigate the incident and punish perpetrators” Nugzar Giorgadze told us.

The Ozurgeti district office of the coalition Georgian Dream evaluates the incident as vandalism.


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