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Bezhan Khorava: “The War Always Has Alternative and It Is Peace”
 Georgian-Abkhaz relation still is and might always be urgent topic in our society. Humanrights.ge interviewed lecturer at the Sokhumi University, Professor of History Bezhan Khorava about the causes of the conflict, historical facts, bloody controversy, and ways to the conflict resolution and about many other interesting issues about Georgian-Abkhaz relations.
Gia Anchabadze: “In XII-XIII Centuries Term “Abkhaz” Had Three Meanings”
Historians have been unsuccessfully arguing about the history of Abkhazia for many years. Disagreement in various facts promoted establishment of incorrect stereotypes and opinions both in Georgian and Abkhaz societies. Part of experts thinks that disagreement and controversy about historical facts was one of the reasons for the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict.
Controversy on Ethnic Grounds
 The situation has complicated after the murder in the village of Karaghaji in Sighnaghi district several days ago. The villagers request to open a police station in the village and to withdraw illegal weapon from the population. The locals got particularly annoyed after 25-year-old Ilgar Karimov was arrested for the murder of three people in Karaghaji village. The locals say it is the third murder in the village for the last two years.
Where Was the Disappeared Abkhazian captive?
The disappeared Abkhazian Gari Jopua was discovered several days ago. As the de-facto Abkhazian leaders assure he was taken captive by Georgian side and has been severely beaten and tortured. He is in rather severe condition in Gulripshi hospital. Sokhumi states that there are secret prisons in Georgia where people kidnapped from Abkhazia and South Ossetia are hidden.
Leri Khabelov – Persecuted on Political Grounds
“I have left Georgia because of personal security. But, I want to return there,” said the former vice-president of the National Olympic Committee of Georgia Leri Khabelov in his interview with Ossetian media sources; he added that he would be able to return to Georgia when the government changes.
Marneuli – the problems of infrastructure and informational vacuum
“Georgia in the first place” – reads the billboard at the entrance of Marneuli. If we believe the “European Center for Minority Issues”, the text written on the Georgian flag background can be read only by 3% of Marneuli population.
How Abkhaz Woman Saved Georgian People from Being Shot
Abkhaz population is minority in the village of Otobaia in Gali district. However, they do not feel themselves different on ethnic grounds. They live like other villagers and have common problems. In the case of necessity, they support their Georgian neighbors.
The Human Rights Centre First Celebrated the Muhajir Day in Tbilisi
On May 21, Abkhaz and other Caucasus nations became the victims of the cruel Russian Imperialist Policy in the 19th century. This day has been celebrated as a Day of Muhajirs by the victims of the Russian Empire since then. The Human Rights Centre decided to celebrate the day in Tbilisi and on May 21 invited the people interested in Georgian-Abkhaz conflict to the Boell Foundation at the presentation of the documentary film “Seaside of Sorrow” by Niko Tsuladze.
Disappearance on Ethnic Grounds
Several ethnic Ossetians have disappeared during recent years (Khatuna Charaeva, Lavrenti Kaziev, Ibragim Laliev, Vladimer Eloev). The relatives finally found the missing people in the Georgian detention settings. Later, the law enforcement officers released the detainees and transferred them to the Tskhinvali regime. After studying their cases, we doubt that Georgian side arbitrarily detained Ossetians on purpose in order to involve them in espionage or to exchange them into Georgian hostages.
Released Ossetian Prisoners Started Speaking in Tskhinvali
Ethnically Ossetian hostages, who were compelled to plead guilty by the Georgian side two weeks ago, were captured for “illegal crossing of border” and “illegal possession of weapon.” Later, Georgian side expressed a kind will and set them free. European Human Rights Commissionaire Thomas Hammarberg played active role in their release. The released prisoners stated in their interviews with the media sources and non-governmental organizations of South Ossetia that each of them were arrested based on the traditionally fabricated accusation; besides that, they were put in prison for nothing; Georgian law enforcement officers treated them very badly.
Ombudsman Focused on Intolerance of the Union of Orthodox Parents in His Report
The Public Defender focused on the intolerance of the Union of Orthodox Parents in his report; he described several facts of intolerance committed by the Union members.

Imprisonment of Khatuna Charaeva – One More Shameful Act of Primitive Georgian Politics
“If Khatuna Charaeva had really committed the crime, she would not have been released,” said conflict expert Paata Zakareishvili in his interview with the humanrights.ge. He added that the ethnic Ossetian woman was arbitrarily detained because of primitive and shameful Georgian politics.

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