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Water Rights: Gori District Ready to Fight “Mtkvari M”
The villages in Gori District continue to be without water. Locals are calling upon the government to stop the showing-off process of the so-called rehabilitation of the irrigation channels and let the water flow back into the channel. Currently, the villages cannot even supply their livestock with water. The channels are bone dry because the government continues with repairs. Not showing appreciation, locals consider what is being done as just part of pre-election campaign of the water authority.

Reconciliation for Georgian-Abkhazian Families
Links are not always destroyed because of political problems and armed conflicts. There are still many kinks working Georgians and Abkhazians. There are many mixed families who were caught up in events that were out of their control in the early 90s. Such human resources are very important in restoring trust between parties to ethnic and political conflict. Rezo Bendeliani has been leading the Association of Georgian-Abkhazian Mixed Families for many years.  The aim of the organization is to reunite families that have been torn apart because of the Abkhaz-Georgian war. The track record is impressive with 3,500 families being rejoined since 2003.
Waterless and Harvestless Farmer in Kakheti
Protesting peasant farmers in Kakheti are angry and their tempers have already reached peaked out. Thousands are demanding water so to irrigate their small plots. They have appealed to the Georgian Ministry of Agriculture and local government several times with their pleas but to no avail.  Unless “Alazani Ltd” allows water to be diverted into irrigation system immediately, it is highly possible that this year’s crop will be a complete failure.  Many of the seedlings of cucumber, tomato and other vegetable crops have already been severely impacted by not having access to water.

“Increasing Pension does not “Helping People”
Today is the first of April (fool’s day in Georgia). From this day on more than half million pensioners in Georgia will receive a 70 GEL pension instead of their much expected 55 GEL. It is not a joke, be it April fool or not; there is a pension increase in Georgia and this is part of the much acclaimed 50-day poverty reduction program that the government boosts so much about. 

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Disbelief based on partiality Reality is different
In recent days, Campaign This Affects You has become more active for the society. A new slogan has appeared on the famous label
Fragile Peace in Balkans
Hungry Commission Members and Commission Chairpersons Angry with Observers in Batumi


Forgotten by government veterans
Every year, fewer and fewer veterans of the World War II meet the Victory Day. The society receives information about them only on
Villages of the Hopeless
What happened to Dream of Justice Revival?


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