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School Resource Officers – Fighters with Criminals or Tools of Psychological Terror
Recently, general human rights situation in the education system of Georgia has deteriorated. School resource officers have further aggravated the situation, whose responsibility was to work in the framework of anti-criminal program at schools; but in fact they created many problems that can be qualified as serious violations of human rights.

Victimized Inhabitants Request To Punish Kervalishvili and Rcheulishvili
“We demand to punish Kervalishvili and Rcheulishvili,” “Let them return our money,” the protest assembly with these slogans was held near the parliament on February 7. The protesters purchased spaces in the residential buildings, which were being constructed by the Center Point in 2004, 2005 and 2006; the Company did not finish the construction of those buildings.

Canadian Court Granted Status of Political Refugee to Manana Gurchumelidze
Canadian Court granted status of political refugee to the former president of the Georgian Independent Trade Union of Teachers and Scientists Manana Gurchumelidze.

Prosecutor’s Office Made Sopiko Nikolashvili’s Case Top Secret
Gurjaani district Prosecutor’s Office made Sopiko Nikolashvili’s case Top Secret. The lawyer of the accused Maguli Gvaladze confirmed the information with the ICK.

Rules of Video Recording in Parliament Change
“Standard TV cameras will be prohibited to record Parliament sessions; it will be allowed only for the Public Broadcaster Second Channel, although journalists will be permitted to record Parliament sessions with a small camera, or a mobile phone,” Vice-Speaker of Parliament Mikheil Machavariani told media.ge today.

Imprisonment Arrest Imposed as a Compulsory Measure against Sopiko Nikolashvili
The head of Gurjaani Regional Court Davit Narimanashvili satisfied the request of Office of Prosecutor and passed the imprisonment sentence as a compulsory measure against the detained journalist Sopiko Nikolashvili. 

Life Without Education and IDs
Roma people are one of the most marginalized ethnic minorities in Georgia. Unlike many ethnic groups, they prefer living in groups and are not assimilated with the local population. The key reason of their marginalization from the social life of the country is lack of education. While generally people feel discriminated if they lack education, it is reality for Roma people.

Daughter of the Activist of “Georgian Dream” Journalist Sopho Nikolashvili Arrested for the Attempted Murder Charge
Kakheti regional prosecutor’s office arrested journalist Sopho Nikolashvili under the charge of attempted premeditated murder. Journalist’s father, Dato Nikolashvili is an activist of public movement “Georgian Dream”.

2011: Frontal Attack at Georgian Media
he facts allow us to allege that the government launched the attack on media in four directions in 2011.

Commercial Banks Started Playing Role of Security Agents
Involving commercial banks in politics has a particularly negative impact on their trust level. No one will trust a bank which can collect information about one’s private life and transfer it to the security forces. According to experts, government brought the fastest growing financial sector of economics to downfall.

Results of the TV Informational Policy Monitoring Published
Media Development Foundation, MDF published the results of the monitoring implemented during the fall period of 2011. According to the report, the number of matches between the informational programs of Public Broadcasting Television, Rustavi 2 and Imedi and on the other hand between the news programs of TV companies Maestro and Kavkasia increased in fall, 2011 in comparison to April, 2011.

”We Were Warned from City Council To Go Out In the Street During President’s Visit and Shout “Misha, Misha”
Head of Adjara government and President of Georgia announced 2012 will be the year of Kobuleti Development. But Kobuleti residents state the president threatened them – you will dream about tourists.

Tbilisi Is Ready to Recover Officials’ Mistakes with Money and Weapon
Short time ago, the government of Georgia, who categorically denied the complaints of the Israeli Company “Elbit Systems”, confirmed that the years-long argument between the Company and Georgia finished with agreement. Although the country avoided a fine of 100 million USD to be imposed by the London Arbitrage Court as well as international scandal, the mistakes, made four years ago, will cost expensive for the country.
Journalists Blame Press Secretary of Subeliani for not Fulfilling Duties
In the month of October of last year Transparency International Georgia addressed the Minister of IDPs from the Occupied Territories, Refugees and Accommodation with a recommendation to effectively cooperate with the media outlets which are critical to its work. The Ministry did not consider the recommendation of the authoritative organization. The Ministry is still closed for independent journalists
Assembly with “Empty Saucepans” in front of the Parliament
On January 26, Union of Unemployed People held an Assembly of Empty Saucepans in front of the Parliament of Georgia. Group of people gathered near the legislative body to request the MPs to adopt a law on the protection of unemployed people’s rights.

Batumi Residents Will Also Have To Pay Unified Electricity, Water and Cleaning Bills
The Batumi residents will also have to pay electricity, water and cleaning taxes in one bill. The Batumi City Council issued the resolution on January 17. The protest of the Council Members from the opposition parties had no result again.

Ivanishvili's Movement Says Forced to Bow to State Audit's Demand
State audit agency, the body with broad powers to monitor political finances, accused billionaire opposition politician Bidzina Ivanishvili’s public movement, Georgian Dream, of illegally obtaining GEL 1.1 million through striking a sham deal with its affiliated company with a purpose to evade restrictions set by law.

Ministry of Refugees Refused to Cooperate with Studio “Re”
The Ministry of IDPs from the Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees of Georgia refused to cooperate with the Studio “Re”. They clarified their refusal by extra critical and biased programs of the Studio.

New Approaches for Election Fairness
The U.S. Embassy in Georgia recently called on that country to conduct the parliamentary elections scheduled for October of this year in the “fairest possible campaign environment.” The U.S. also restated its commitment to help Georgia in that endeavor.  There is nothing particularly unusual about this statement which could have been made in reference to elections in numerous countries with varying degrees of democracy and freedom.  The question which this raises is whether or not he U.S. knows how, or has the tools, to make elections fairer in Georgia or other similar countries.

Government Blocks Initiative of Provision of Compulsory Medical Insurance for Students Initiated by Trade Unions
Georgian Trade Unions made a legislative proposal to provide medical insurance for students of higher education. The draft law envisages free medical insurance for students of all three phases of higher education. Government and governing party National Movement blocks proposal.
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