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Government Gets Profit from the Charity for Disabled Adults
In the country, where most people live in the hardest conditions, the charity is always welcomed. A lot of good was done by charity-mongers but like everything else in Georgia, the charity has its “national characteristics.” The eminent example of this is the charity show of the Rustavi 2 “Who Wants Twenty Thousand (GEL).”

Juvenile Offender Will Have Chance to Expiate His/Her Crime
A new norm within the Georgian Criminal Procedure Code that aims to keep juvenile offenders out of jail becomes valid starting November 15, 2010. 
“Saakashvili Does Not Speak About Us, Maybe There Is Another Georgia and They Hide It From Us”
 There used to be an auto-station near the Poti agricultural market where the buses to the villages and towns close to Poti used to stop.  So, it was easy for farmers to bring their crop to the market. They used to purchase the products in the nearby shops and then go home. Based on the decision of the local authority, the auto-station was removed to the not-yet-renovated auto-station “in its historical place” in order “to eradicate chaotic situation and to make the area more comfortable”.
Government Sponsor “Madneuli” ,,historically pollutes” the Environment
Environment defenders have been expressing concern about the pollution of the rivers Kazretula and Mashavera by the remnants of the enterprise “Madneuli.”  According to the information of local government, one of the serious pollutions occurred in May-June of 2010.
Telavi TV Director Was Attacked and Wounded
 Last night, the director of the TV-Company “Tanamgzavri” Enry Kobakhidze was wounded. The incident occurred in the village of Pshaveli in Telavi district where he was at his relative’s wedding. Enry Kobakhidze reported that officer of the Special Unit Gela Chvritidze attacked him. Kobakhidze connects the incident with his professional activities. Several days before, Chvritidze requested joint management of the TV-Company but Kobakhidze refused.
Life under Risk
Three-member family of Gogitidzes in the village of Koreti in Akhmeta district lives in extremely poor conditions. The Gogitidzes were lodged in the village from Adjara six years ago. In rainy weather rain leaks into their house; the walls are pulling down because of moist, the floor is so damaged that family members fall into the basement.
Life of Family Members of the Warriors Killed in the War in Abkhazia
On the day of fall of Sokhumi, the governmental officials usually go to the memorial of the warriors killed for the territorial integrity. The families of those warriors, whose names are now written on the memorial, cope with daily problems in various regions of Georgia.

“Unless You Pay Water Bills, You Will Sit in Darkness!” - Particularly Severe Verdict for Poti Residents
Much was said and written about failed project of water-supply system in Poti. Nothing has been changed in the main port city of Georgia recently – Poti is still water-supplied only once in two days for several hours. Nobody knows when the reconstruction of the water system will finish. Colossal funds are necessary for the rehabilitation of the system. 
Form # 9 – Rescue for Akhalgori Residents
A very important document, so called Form # 9 will not be issued in Akhalgori district for two weeks. The reason is illness of the district notary. The local officials state the notary is ill and he will continue his activities in a week for sure. Meanwhile, the passengers will not face any problems when traveling from Akhalgori to Tbilisi and vice versa.
Saakashvili: “Every Action Was Correct on November 7”
President Saakashvili stated that when anti-governmental protest demonstrations were raided on November 7 three years ago and TV-Company “Imedi” was closed down “every action of the government was correct; “However, things could have been done nicer.”

Floor Fell Down in the Recently-Renovated School
Public school in the village of Kukhi in Khoni district is one of those which were renovated with the financial support of the state budget. Several days ago, the floor fell down on the second floor during the lesson. Luckily nobody was in the area at that time! After the parquet was removed from the floor, the wooden material was found completely rotten. Specialists say the material was damaged by paving wet parquet on it.
10 Years and 8 Months – for Stealing Cigarette, Vodka and Beer
Chairman of the Telavi district court Mamuka Tsiklauri imposed imprisonment of 10 years and 8 months on 16-year-old Malkhaz Mzekalishvili for stealing cigarette, beer and vodka from the shop. Although specialist state that Malkhaz Mzekalishvili’s mental and physical development stopped at the age of 11, the judge did not satisfy any motion of the attorney on medical expertise of the convicted.
Editorial Office of the Newspaper “Guria News” Was Raided
On October 28, Chokhatauri office of the newspaper Guria News was raided. The members of the editorial board of the newspaper report that they found the plastic window-frames broken with stones when they arrived at the office. “The police officers arrived at the place only half an hour later,” said the founder of the newspaper Ia Mamaladze.
Missing Abkhaz Was Returned Back to Abkhazia With Blindfolded
Disappeared Abkhaz Gari Jopua was transferred to the de-facto government of Abkhazia. His health conditions are grave and currently he is in hospital. Gari Jopua disappeared on October 9. Reportedly, he was arrested by the officers of the second department of the MIA for illegal crossing of the border.
Defense Ministry Confirms Incident in Military Unit but Claims that Soldiers Beat Each Other
The ministry of defense confirmed an incident in the 42nd battalion of the fourth brigade of the Armed Forces on November 4. However, the ministry denies the information about a physical assault of soldiers by commanders.  The public defender who personally visited the unit provided a similar response to the allegations.
Vardzelashvili’s Car Was Scratched by Knife
 Who caused 230 GEL worth of damage to the property of Mr. Vano Vardzelashvili and spent four months in prison for it? The official documents gathered by the Gori office of the Human Rights Center demonstrate that this person scratched the bonnet of the former regional governor’s car by day in the town center. According to the information available, this person was cursing Mr. Vardzelashvili.
“I Do Not Want To Be an IDP” - Slogan of the Children’s Concert from Akhalgori District in Tskhinvali, But Failed in Tbilisi
 Director of the youth palace of Akhalgori district Tamar Mearkishvili was not allowed to hold culture events in Tbilisi. The beneficiaries of the youth palace had to exhibit and sell their handmade cloths on the event. The cloths were exhibited by models. The event was planned in the central office of one of the leading banks in Tbilisi. Tamar Mearkishvili does not publish the name of the bank for certain reasons.

Polyclinic without Water
 According to the president’s resolution # 678 dated by July 19, 2010, Khoni polyclinic Ltd “Eskulape” was assigned to the Insurance Company “Aldagi” through direct purchase. Based on the initiative of the insurance company medical center with 20 beds was to be opened in the building. According to the agreement the hospital should start working in December of 2011 in compliance with all norms and license requirements.
Land Mafia in Gori
 Human Rights Center Gori Office’s attention was caught by the legality of alienation of land situated behind Gori administrative building and generally tendency of land alienations in the city. The most resounded fact of this situation is the land suddenly sold out in rather prestigious district of the city (behind the local government building). In the district where rather wealthy people live, hides many secrets. Ordinary person can’t even receive information here not to talk about participating in the protest rally. This problem was experienced by the fellowship “Health” and decided to protect its rights.
Statement of the South Caucasus Network of Human Rights Defenders about “Accused Victims”
 Human Rights NGOs undersigned below express their concern regarding the recent judgment of the Tbilisi City Court sentencing 6 youngsters to 3 years and 4 months imprisonment for hooliganism, the fact of which has not been established by reliable evidence, and despite a number of elevating circumstances present in the case. This comes as a particularly harsh sentence in comparison with a pattern of sentences applied e.g., against law enforcement officials who were found guilty of causing deprivation of citizens’ lives.  Just to compare: for the murder of Buta Robakidze, 19, the police officer was sentenced to a 4-year-imprisonment (in 2006) and the murderers of Girgvliani, 27, did not even spend the 4 years in prison, being pardoned by the President (in 2009).
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