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Financial Police Works With the Methods of Gestapo – 100 Witnesses Brought By Force of Guns to Police
On October 24th, late at night, Georgian financial police detained 100 Adjara residents in their homes. These are the citizens who systematically crossed Sarpi customs service for last 4 months. Police was looking for the members of criminal group and their allies. Ultimately, on October 25th, out of 100 citizens 15 detainees were transferred to Tbilisi.
Sozar Subari’s Brother Might Be Imprisoned for Seven Years
Brother of one of the leaders of the “Georgian Party” – Sozar Subari (former public defender) – Vakhtang Subeliani was charged under article 210 of the Criminal Code of Georgia at 1:00 am on October 28. This article envisages imprisonment for 7 years. Besides Subeliani, several employees of the Petrol Company “Amo” Ltd were arrested. They are accused in preparation of false invoices.
“Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit, for Theirs Is the Kingdom of Heaven,” Website of Gardabani District Administration Jokes
“Elect and Govern Yourself” – it was the main slogan of the municipal elections which suggested the citizens to go to polling stations. The society elected the local government but afterwards the second part of the slogan- “Govern Yourself” was removed from the agenda.
IDPs Asking for Help
In Khobi, at #12 Sakhoia St, eight families of IDPs from Abkhazia live in the building of “Sharagzamsheni 1.” It needs repair; roof is damaged, water is leaking in the rooms, walls are crannied and damp. IDPs can’t renovate the roof because of the lack of finances. Winter is anticipated with a great fear. They are asking for elementary attention from the local government.
Media Transparency – Kind Will of the Government or Result of International Oppression
 After less optimistic evaluations of the international organizations the government of Georgia remembered about the media transparency.

Former MP Does Not Plead Guilty
Chief prosecutor’s office finished investigation on the case of the former MP Nikoloz Kvezereli. The case was sent to the Tbilisi City Court for further discussion. Kvezereli is accused in extortion of money and car from the Korean investor and resistance to police officers. The former MP was sentenced to pretrial detention.
Former Ideologist of the Patriot Camp Sends Minatory Letters to Journalist
On October 21, journalist of the Gori office of the Human Rights Center received insulting and minatory mails.  The author of the letter is the former director of the Gori theatre Lasha Jokhadze. Before 2008, he organized culture events in the patriot camps. The Human Rights Center appeals to the Shida Kartli regional prosecutor’s office to investigate the fact and punish the author of the letter in accordance to the law.
Journalists Were Not Allowed to Attend Elections at Gori University
On October 21, chairman of the election commission of the academician council at the Gori University Malkhaz Mindiashvili requested the journalist of the Gori office of the Human Rights Center to leave the election precinct. The commission member Vano Balakhashvili stated that journalists should not attend the election process.
Parliament Introduced Amendments to the Criminal Procedural Code in Secret
The Georgian Young Lawyers Association (GYLA) blames the Parliament of Georgia in breaching the regulations when introducing amendments to the Criminal Procedural Code of Georgia. According to the GYLA, the above-mentioned amendment can be declared unconstitutional based on the Organic Law of Georgia about Constitutional Court.
Water Leaking into Recently Renovated Flats
 About 1 500 IDPs live in the territory of the so-called military settlement in Khoni. 17 four-storied buildings are located in the area; their reconstruction started in March of 2008. The municipal development fund ordered their reconstruction. Three building companies won the competition. Building company “Axis” took responsibility to renovate 4 residential buildings; “Dagma, Ltd” – had to renovate 5 buildings; and New Energy had to reconstruct 8 buildings. All three companies are registered in Tbilisi and they have their central offices in the capital. Their representatives supervised the ongoing activities in Khoni.
Prisoner Got Disabled After Being Beaten
Prisoner Ramaz Pataraia is in terrible situation after being physically assaulted– his lower limbs are paralyzed and he moves only in wheelchair; he has post-trauma stress and cramps. The prisoner wrote in explanation letter that during transportation two employees of the prison ruthlessly beat him in Kutaisi prison # 2. Regional Prosecutor’s office of the western Georgia launched criminal case on the incident a year ago but the investigation is prolonged and the trial has not been scheduled yet.
The Leaseholder Companies of the Poti Port Do not Pay Salaries to the Dismissed Employees
About 400 employees of the leaseholder companies “Prometko Georgia” and “Geesko” in Poti Port have been unsuccessfully demanding salary arrears and reemployment for several months.
“We Have Only One Way Left: We Should Stand, Lie, Creep and Beg Here” – IDPs From Abkhazia Are Still In the Street
 Tents in the street… old people in tears looking out from the tents; their faces do not show any hope. We hear cry of infants from several tents. They have made their beds in the tents so carefully as if they are not going to leave the area for a long time… they say the same. The reportage was prepared on October 19 during the ongoing protest demonstration in front of the ministry of IDPs from occupied territories, accommodation and refugees.

Old IDP Man Blames the Building Company in Stealing His Electricity
81-year-old Simon Pekhshvelashvili, IDP from Tskhinvali district, who fled from there in the 1990s, lives in the students’ dormitory in Tskhinvali road in Gori without electricity. Water is leaking into the flat of his neighbor from his house on the ground floor.
Russians Left Perevi But Did Not Go Too Far
The international oppression had its output. Today, de-miners work in the village of Perevi where Russian army had been deployed since August of 2008. The representatives of the local authority and EUMM freely move in the village now. However, villagers say that the situation has not been much changed because occupants have not gone too far. The Russian soldiers retreated only at two kilometers to the north.
Liberalization of Visa Regime or Anti-Russian Propaganda?
According to the resolution of the president of Georgia, which was put in motion on October 13, citizens of several republics within the Russian Federation –Chechnya, Ingushetia, North Ossetia, Kabardo-Balkaria and Adigei can enter Georgian territory without visa and stay here during 90 days. Larsi border checkpoint has already received first visitors from the North Caucasus. National TV-Channels have already spread the comments of the people who are pleased with the innovation. One of them was a famous sportsman, former football player of the Tbilisi “Dinamo” Bakhva Tedeev who said that he has many friends in Georgia and similar decision will support him to visit them oftener.
Industrial Traumas – Hard Fate of Cheap Labor
Some owners of mass enterprises conduct the production and receive profit, mostly, by violating labor rights. One of the examples of these kinds of violations are the industrial traumas resulted from the inadequate increase of working hours and inattention of administration towards the security issues.
“Modern Talking” Did Not Resurrect in Rustavi
 Rustavi City Hall paid 110 000 GEL to the former member of the “Modern Talking” Thomas Anders for the concert of one and half hour.
This year, 210 000 GEL was spent on the celebration of “RsutavKalakoba” (city-anniversary). 160 000 GEL was allocated by the Rustavi budget; additional 50 000 GEL was transferred by the president. Concert of the once very popular European group “Modern Talking” was on the list of the scheduled events during RustavKalakoba; the group fell apart long ago. The concert of the former member of the group Thomas Anders cost 110 000 GEL.
Ministry of Education Closes Down Vocational Colleges
The ministry of education closed down the Vocational College # 2 in Kutaisi. As a result of the liquidation, about 40 people remained unemployed. The former employees state that the college was illegally closed down without any procedures. 14 vocational colleges were closed down throughout Georgia based on the resolution of the minister.
Ethnic Abkhaz Person Disappeared in Khurcha
The Human Rights Center (HRIDC) reports that on October 9, 2010 45-year-old ethnic Abkhaz Gari Kopua disappeared after crossing the administrative border in the village of Khurcha supposedly by Georgian law enforcement officers; he crossed the border by his car. The witnesses allege that he crossed border in order to deliver the luggage of the local residents. However, Georgian border officers detained him.
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