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Address of Human Rights Center about ongoing process in the Public Broadcasting
HRC is studying facts of alleged violation of labor rights of the employees of the Georgian Public Broadcasting in connection with the offered amendments in the labor contracts from the side of the GPB.
The Coalition Calls on the President to Change his Decision of Refusing to Nominate a Candidate for Chief Justice Position
President of Georgia refused to nominate a candidate for the position of Chief Justice, citing lack of consensus as a reason, according to an official statement made by his Chief of Staff, following weeks of consultations with civil society. 
Statement of Human Rights Center about the victim status of the Congo-Captured Pilot Soso Osorauli’s Family members
Human Rights Center echoes the August 14 statement of the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia, which clarifies the reasons why the family members of the Cong-Captured Pilot Ioseb Osorauli were refused to receive victim status. 

არასამთავრობო ორგანიზაციები თბილისის მერსა და საკრებულოს მიმართავენ
არასამთავრობო ორგანიზაციები მოუწოდებენ თბილისის მთავრობას, არ გასცეს დიღმის ტყე-პარკის ტერიტორიაზე მორიგი მშენებლობის ნებართვა.
Address of Human Rights Center about the case of the Congo-Captured Pilot Soso Osorauli
Human Rights Center once again addresses the Government of Georgia with regard to the investigation of the case of pilot Soso Osorauli, who disappeared in the Republic of Congo. 18 months have passed since his disappearance and the family still does not have information about the activities carried out by the State of Georgia to find out whereabouts of the pilot and bring him home. 
არასამთავრობო ორგანიზაციები საქართველოს უზენაესი სასამართლოს თავმჯდომარის მიერ თანამდებობის დატოვების ფაქტს ეხმაურებიან
სასამართლო სისტემაში შექმნილი სავალალო მდგომარეობის ფონზე, უზენაესი სასამართლოს თავმჯდომარის მიერ მოულოდნელად თანამდებობის დატოვება საზოგადოებაში არაერთ კითხვას აჩენს. მიუხედავად იმისა, რომ თანამდებობაზე ყოფნის 3 წლიან პერიოდში ნინო გვენეტაძე არასაკმარისად რეაგირებდა სისტემაში არსებულ პრობლემებთან დაკავშირებით, მაინც ცხადი იყო მასსა და მოსამართლეთა გავლენიანი ჯგუფის წარმომადგენლებს შორის არსებული დაპირისპირება.
Joint statement by non-governmental organizations concerning the process of investigation of the case of murder of two underage persons on Khorava Str
We, the undersigned organizations, would like to once again comment on the process of the investigation that was carried out and continues regarding the case of the murder of two underage persons on Khorava Street.
Civil Society Statement on International Justice Day
Today we join you in celebration of international justice day and the 20th anniversary of the Rome Statute of the ICC. At the same time, we commemorate 10 years since the 2008 conflict in Georgia. 
Statement of NGOs regarding the meeting of the Prosecutorial Council
In response to the Prosecutorial Council meeting held today for the purpose of selecting the new Chief Prosecutor, signatory organizations would like to state once again that the process must be halted until the constitutional amendments take effect.
Statement of Human Rights Center about the Announced External Procurement of the Investigative Reporter by the Georgian Public Broadcasting
Human Rights Center echoes the project published on the webpage of the Georgian Public Broadcasting [GPB] on the Program Priorities of the LEPL Public Broadcasting for 2018-2021. Namely, it echoes the Paragraph 3.2 of the program according to which the journalistic investigation Investigative Reporter will be placed on external procurement and the GPB justifies its decision with the allegation that journalistic investigations shall not be carried out only over high-profile cases.
Address of the initiators of the amendments into the Law of Georgia on the Prosecutor’s Office to the Prime-Minister of Georgia
We would like to directly address you that due to recently developed circumstances in the country, unfortunately, trust towards the Prosecutor’s Office has significantly worsened that is serious challenge for the young Georgian democracy. 
We, the Georgian Civil Society organizations, are addressing the North Atlantic Council to ask to consider political breakthrough toward the Georgia’s NATO membership on the upcoming NATO Summit in Brussels. Ten years ago, in Bucharest, NATO Heads of States and Governments made a decision that Georgia will become member of NATO.
Statement of Human Rights Center in Response to Groundless Accusations against the Organization
Human Rights Center is alarmed with irresponsible statements of some representatives of the executive and legislative branches of the Government, who state that HRC disseminated incorrect information about so-called full strip search of female convicts in the penitentiary establishment # 5.
The Coalition for an Independent and Transparent Judiciary Calls on the Government to Select the New Chief Prosecutor through New, Reformed Rules
Recent developments in the country have again shown that the currently enforced model of prosecution and investigative system does not meet the criteria of independence, impartiality and professionalism and needs systemic reform. Despite recommendations of numerous domestic and international organizations, the government has until this time failed to ensure the full depoliticization and strengthening of the independence of the prosecution. This is reflected in the levels of public trust towards this institution.
Statement of Civil Society Organizations on Protest Rallies in Tbilisi
We would like to respond to the June 11 developments in the capital related to a protest rally "Do not Kill Me." Let us once again express our solidarity with Zaza Saralidze, Malkhaz Machalikashvili, and their families. We underline that timely investigation of these cases, as well as identification and punishment of all perpetrators, remain among major demands and the government has to assume full responsibility for it. 
NGOs Urge Authorities to Fundamentally Change the Justice System
Human rights organizations are closely following the mass protest in Tbilisi and other cities in recent days and declare their solidarity with Saralidze and Dadunashvili families.
Human Rights Center requests timely investigation of the murder case of two women in Takhtisdziri
Human Rights Center is alarmed with the dragged out investigation of the astonishing murder of the mother and daughter in Takhtisdziri village, Kareli municipality. Almost one year has passed since June 11, 2017, when unidentified person(s) killed N.J and M.J with automatic gun. Since then, regardless many investigative and procedural activities, the investigation has not yet estimated the murderer of the two women.
Statement on the Case of Ana Subeliani and Tamaz Akhobadze
The Coalition for an Independent and Transparent Judiciary is responding to the failure of administrative bodies to execute the court decision ordering to reinstate Ana Subeliani and Tamaz Akhobadze in their positions at work. This failure points to the administrative bodies’ disrespect of the right to fair trial.
Statement of NGOs – Chief Prosecutor of Georgia Should Resign
We, under-signatory organizations, echo the murder case of two young people in Khorava Street and the decision of the Parliament of Georgia to set up temporary investigative commission in relation with this case. We believe, before the investigative commission starts working, the Chief Prosecutor of Georgia should resign. 
Russia-Georgia war: The European Court of Human Rights deliberates Georgia’s claims as ICC is urged to move quicker with its own investigation
(Paris-Hague-Moscow-Tbilisi) Yesterday, the hearing was held in the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) under an application lodged by the government of Georgia against the Russian Federation in the context of the armed conflict of August 2008. It is one of the few inter-state cases lodged with the Court that usually deals with individual complaints. Hundreds of individual applications are awaiting ECtHR decision while it hears the inter-State case.

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