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Appeal Statement
Human Rights Center requests the Chief Prosecutor's Office to interrogate  the convicted person into the cases of Lapankuri Special Operation and Zurab Zhvania's death. 
Civil Society Organizations Address Parliament of Georgia
We, undersigned civil society organizations (CSOs) address you with the proposal and request to promptly form working group on election issues for the improvement of election environment in Georgia and for the absolute harmonization of the national legislation with international standards. Members of the Parliament and Government of Georgia, as well as representatives of all parties (political parties, international and local observation organizations, election administration) will take active part in the activities of the working group.
Tbilisi Human Rights House to Organize Peace Week
September 21 is World Peace Day. Human Rights House Tbilisi and its member organizations together with Georgian Public Defender’s Office will organize Peace Week in Tbilisi. In the frame of the week, the HRHT will screen a film, organize discussions and peace action.
Statement of the Public Defender on Yet Another Fact of Religious Intolerance Against Muslims in Kobuleti
Developments in Kobuleti present an extremely alarming picture of religious intolerance. Freedom of movement and religion of Muslim citizens are limited, their dignity and self-respect are violated. Rights of children interested in studying and living in madrasah are restricted while these basic rights, including right to freedom of education and religion, are safeguarded by international and national legislation.
Human Rights Center Requests Remove Top Secret Status from the Cases of Former Political Prisoners Charged for Espionage
On September 12, at 12:30 pm, in the press-club of the news agency PirWeli, Human Rights Center will request remove of the Top Secret status from the cases of former political prisoners, convicted for espionage and launch of new impartial investigation into them. Former political prisoners, as well as photo- reporters, who were arrested in 2011 on political grounds, will also participate in the press-conference.
Statement of the Public Defender of Georgia
The Public Defender of Georgia has started to study the case of the death of the prisoner Jido Pirtskheliani in Rustavi penitentiary institution N6, on 17 August, 2014. He will also monitor the course of investigation.
Nongovernmental organizations react to charges against former president Saakashvili
We would like to respond to the decision by the Georgian Chief Prosecutor’s Office to bring criminal charges against the former president of Georgia and other high-ranking officials.
Urgent Appeal of Human Rights House Tbilisi and Its Member Organizations Regarding the persecution of human rights defenders in Azerbaijan
Human Rights House Tbilisi and its member organizations are deeply concerned regarding the unprecedented crackdown against human rights defenders by the Azerbaijani government.
Statement by NGOs regarding the 6th anniversary of the 2008 Russo-Georgian war
On 8 August, 2014 was the 6th anniversary of the Russo-Georgian war. The 2008 August war is one of the most tragic events in the recent history of Georgia. We honor the memory of the soldiers who defended their country’s independence at the cost of their lives.
The observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders expresses alarm over the facts of persecution and imprisonment of human rights defenders
AZERBAIJAN: Increasing repression against civil society severely tarnishes Azerbaijan's Presidency of the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers.
Human Rights House Addresses Georgian Government regarding Persecution of Opposition Party Representative from Azerbaijan
Human Rights House Tbilisi and its member organizations express alarm regarding detention and expected extradition of Dashgin Agararl, citizen of Azerbaijan, member of opposition political party, Musavat. 

GYLA’s Statement about Saikhan Muzaevi’s Case
GYLA has been protecting Saikhan Muzaevi’s interests. The Ministry of Interior, without any justification, disallows him to leave the territory and restricts his constitutional right to free movement.   
Address of Human Rights Center regarding Illegal Interference into Professional Work of Lawyers in Gldani #8 Prison Department
Human Rights Center is alarmed by the violation of confidentiality committed by the administration and employees of Gldani #8 prison department in regards with the correspondence between a lawyer and a defendant as well as other written documentation of lawyer. 
GYLA Statement on Giorgi Ugulava Case
Investigation of a crime, revealing offenders and imposing legal responsibility represents primary obligation of the law-enforcement bodies. On the other hand, this obligation must be implemented in accordance with the rules prescribed by the law; the law-enforcement body must prove the law-compliance of the investigative actions and may only limit the rights of an any person in case of existence of the factual and legal grounds.
Address by the Human Rights Center about Legal Rehabilitation and Restoration of Reputation for Former Political Prisoners
Bank accounts of the former political prisoner Zviad Kharebava are still blocked. Although Kharebava was released from prison under the status of political prisoner, his fine of 50 000 lari was not yet canceled. Nevertheless, Zviad Kharebava received political prisoner’s status based on the arbitrary judgment which imposed the aforementioned sanction on him in addition to imprisonment. 
Human Rights Center Reuqests Investigation into the Facts of Prisoners’ Torture and Inhuman Treatment
Human Rights Center has been defending the rights of the convict Tamaz Rasoyan since 2012, who serves his term in the penitentiary establishment # 6. The Center has petitioned to different institutions with regard to the criminal case he is convicted for and requested effective re-investigation into the case. 
Public Movement Multinational Georgia - Municipal Elections of Georgia Electoral violations and shortcomings Statement
For 15 June, 2014 Municipal Elections the monitoring mission of the “Public Movement Multinational Georgia” covered 19 electoral districts of 5 regions of Georgia with the compact settlements of ethnic minorities as well as Central Election Commission. 
Human Rights Center Calls on Government to Eliminate Violence and Aggression against Opposition Leaders
According to the assessment of Human Rights Center, local self-government elections were held mostly in peaceful and fair environment in the election precincts where the observers of Human Rights Center were present. Observed violations were mostly procedural and could not have affected the final results of the elections.
Statement of the Coalition for Independent and Transparent Judiciary on Frustrated Sitting of High Council of Justice
On 21 March 2014, a sitting of the High Council of Justice, which was called upon the initiative of non-judge members to consider, according to the agenda, a number of important issues (a problem of the Tbilisi City Court being overloaded, an issue of the appointment of standby judges) was frustrated. The reason of this was the failure of non judge members of the Council to turn up for the sitting. 
Human Rights Center Doubts Representatives of Prosecutor’s Office Misappropriated Money of Former Convict
Human Rights Center addresses to the Chief Prosecutor’s Office to study the fact of alleged misappropriation of particularly large amount of money – 28 000 USD of the former convict Zurab Gvazava by the employees of the prosecutor’s office.
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How do you evaluate detention of former Tbilisi Mayor Gigi Ugulava?
-He was arrested for real crime in accordance to the procedural norms -He was arrested for real crime but through violation of procedural norms -He was arrested based on unreal charge for political motives -I cannot answer


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