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Coalition Assesses the Closure of Judicial Appointment Process as a Step Back
Coalition for an Independent and Transparent Judiciary reacts to the processes of selection and appointment of judges held in July 2015, which were marked with low degree of transparency and openness.
Coalition for Independent and Transparent Judiciary rejoins the ongoing discussion of the witness interrogation rules
In July 2015, Ministry of Justice proposed draft legislation on reforming the rules of witness interrogation. The draft is based on the opinions of the special group created under the Legal Affairs Committee of the Parliament of Georgia.
Evaluation by Human Rights Center
Evaluation by Human Rights Center regarding the work of the department, which investigates crimes committed during the proceedings of the prosecutor’s office

On February 13 of this year, the department (hereinafter – the new department) for investigation of crimes committed during the proceedings of the prosecutor’s office has been created based on the order N62 of the Minister of Justice of Georgia.
Human Rights Center calls on the Government for timely establishment of an effective investigation mechanism for offences of law enforcement
Once again, Human Rights Center expresses concern  about increasing tendency of human rights violation in police departments and calls on the Government to ensure establishment of timely and effective mechanism –an independent investigative body. 
The Coalition’s Opinion on the Revised Version of the Draft Law on the Prosecutor’s Office
The Ministry of Justice has recently revised the draft law on the Prosecutor’s Office based on the Venice Commission’s recommendations. It needs to be noted that the Venice Commission considered the Coalition’s opinion on this issue in its extensive comments and suggested to significantly revise the draft.  The opinion criticized several initiatives of the authors of the draft law .  
Statement of the Coalition Regarding the Preliminary Joint Opinion on The Prosecution Reform
On 7 July 2015 Venice Commission, Consultative Council of European Prosecutors (CCPE) and OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (OSCE/ODIHR) issued a preliminary joint opinion on the draft amendments to the Law on Prosecutor’s office of Georgia. Prior to the issuance of the opinion, the Coalition for Independent and Transparent Judiciary had evaluated the draft amendments reforming the prosecution system that were proposed by the Ministry of Justice and supported by the Government of Georgia. Additionally, the Coalition had the opportunity to present its detailed opinion on the prosecution reform to the Venice Commission.

Address of human rights Center to the Minister of Corrections and Legal Assistance of Georgia
Human Rights Center expresses concern about the health condition of a prisoner Rati Maisuradze and unbearable conditions of prison N7 where the convict is placed.
NGOs call on government to undertake real reform of law enforcement system
Excessive concentration of power in the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) has always been subject to criticism. A comprehensive reform and depoliticizing of the Ministry was one of the election promises of the Georgian Dream. In the beginning of 2015, Irakli Garibashvili, the Prime Minister, announced a start of the reform of the MIA.
Legislative Proposal of Human Rights Center On the amnesty of prisoners under article 262 of CC
According to the Article 150 - 2 of the regulations of the Parliament of Georgia, we present a legislative proposal regarding the amnesty of prisoners regulated by the article 262 of CC. 
Appeal of NGOs regarding the statement of the Minister of Corrections and Legal Assistance of Georgia
We express our concern regarding the statement of the Minister of Corrections and Legal Assistance of Georgia. In particular, on July 4, while having a conversation with journalists, the Minister rejected the facts stated in the Parliamentary Report of the Public Defender, which were regarding the issue that women prisoners are denuded and forced to do squats during the full examination. He also noted, “Mr. Ucha sometimes surprises us with his innovative discoveries”. 
Address of Human Rights Center about Discriminatory Conditions of One Part of Women Prisoners
Human Rights Center welcomes the initiative of the Georgian Government and ongoing legislative process regarding the formation of new edition of article 260 of the Criminal Code. It is fair decision to separate sale of narcotics from purchasing, possessing and transferring. This will contribute to the process for individual determination of sentence.
Stateme of HRHT about hindering peaceful demonstration in Tbilisi by police officers
On June 12, 2015 Georgian police illegally created obstacles for the Human Rights House Tbilisi and its member organizations to hold peaceful demonstration in Heydar Aliyev Square in Tbilisi.
Monday, 29 June 2015
NGOs urge Parliament to revise draft amendments to the Law on Security Services
Our appeal to you concerns the draft law registered with Parliament by the Government initiative that deals with the separation of the Security Services from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Pursuant to the decision of the Parliament Bureau, the first hearing of the draft will be held in the current week.
Appeal on new facts of torture and inhuman treatment and faulty practice established in penitentiary system
Human Rights Center expresses concern about a faulty practice established in penitentiary system. This means that prisoner victims of torture and inhuman treatment are oppressed, so they voluntarily waive the facts of inhuman treatment and sign the document about absence of the claim.  
Statement of the Public Defender Regarding Violation of Freedom of Assembly
The Public Defender of Georgia assesses yesterday’s incident as a violation of the right to freedom of assembly. During the incident policemen did not allow participants of a peaceful rally to gather in Heydar Aliyev Park.
Statement of the Public Defender on Instituting New Charges against Giorgi Okropiridze
The Public Defender of Georgia comments on disseminated information about charges being issued against accused Giorgi Okropiridze under the subparagraph “a” of the part 3 of the article 373 of the Criminal Code of Georgia. He notes that information on a fact of torture or ill-treatment that had been communicated to the Public Defender of Georgia cannot be directed at and used against an individual/prisoner or cannot serve as a basis for starting criminal prosecution against this person.
Statement of Election Observer Organizations on the Necessity of Electoral System Reform
The existing formation rule of majoritarian districts in electoral system, which was breaching the equality of votes, was deemed as non-constitutional by the Constitutional Court of Georgia on May 28 2015. The decision of the Constitutional Court made it obligatory to fix the flaw of the existing legislation. 
Coalition responds to the reform process in the Ministry of Internal Affairs
Coalition for an Independent and Transparent Judiciary responds to the package of bills, prepared under the reform of MIA by Georgian Government, which includes separation of State Security Service from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and subsequent changes. 
Human Rights Summer School
Human Rights Summer School is a 7-day educational program, which aims to equip young people from different regions of Georgia with basic knowledge on human rights and experience of local leading human right defenders and experts. Formal trainings and thematic lectures will be organized.
Joint Declaration of the Eastern Partnership Summit
The Heads of State or Government and the representatives of the Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Republic of Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, the representatives of the European Union and the Heads of State or Government and representatives of its Member States have met in Riga on 21-22 May 2015.
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What are your expectations on separation of the Security Service from MIA?
Early detection and elimination of threats Weakening of MIA and increased threats Intensification of surveillance on citizens Increased political persecution I find it hard to answer this question


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