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General Prosecutor’s Office Launched Investigation on Coup D’etat

On December 17 Special Operative Department (SOD) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia started a preliminary investigation on Coup d’etat.

Today, Nika Gvaramia, Deputy Prosecutor General, stated at the briefing that preliminary investigation started based on Erekle Kodua’s report, the head of the SOD. He reported that Marina Gabunia, a former judge was to meet him on December 17 together with her companions and bribe him to participate in a coup d’etat.

Gvaramia noted that conversation of Marina Gabunia and Erekle Kodua was secretly recorder based on court permission. On the second day the conversation between Erekle Kodua, Marina Gabunia and her companion Valeri Gelbakhiani was also secretly recprded.

Deputy General Prosecutor stated that Erekle Kodua and Valeri Gelbakhiani discussed coup d’etat. Valeri Gelbakhiani introduced Kodua with the plan of the overthrow.

“Gelbakhiani told Kodua that on January 6th he plans together with other people to provoke public disorder in Tbilisi and throughout Georgia. During public disorders Gelbakhiani will ask Kodua to arrest the Minister of Internal Affairs. I quote the words of Gelbakhiani: “We shall spend much money to bring many people out in the streets of many towns of Georgia, we shall make a good performance for people and when the situation goes beyond control, we shall take the power in our hands.” Gelbakhiani offers political guarantees to Kodua if he accepts the plan. In the video recording Gelbakhiani says that elections will be blocked artificially. We shall organize provocative situations on the Election Day and it will cause state overthrow, “stated Gvaramia.

Gelbakhiani also pointed out that it is irrelevant whether the elections will be falsified or not. If elections are held legally, everything must be done to provoke public disorder. After meeting Gelbakhiani and Kodua agreed that Kodua would go to London and meet Patarkatsishvili to discuss the details of the overthrow, to get new instructions and agree on the sum of money Patarkatsisvili would pay him for support.

The General Prosecutor’s Office confirms the fact that Kodua met Patarkatsishvili in London.

According to the General Prosecutor’s decision Gabunia and Gelbakhiani are declared suspects in the attempt of coup d’etat. The Office of General Prosecutor is not planning to arrest Gelbakhiani yet. But he will be questioned as a suspect.

Source: Media news

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