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Radio Hereti Addresses Public Deferner


Madona Batiashvili, chief of radio Hereti Signagi Bereau applied today to the Office of Public Deferder with the following statement.

The reason for in applying to your results from the pressure that Levan Bezhashvili, the president’s representative in Kakheti region is putting on us. Bezhashvili gave the instructions to a journalist (Batiashvili) on preparing the news report and used fowl language against the journalist, - informs radio Hereti.

Bezhashvili advised Madona Batiashvili to prepare positive news reports and work objectively and if she still refused to see what the government has been doing in the right direction, Bezhashvili promised to take the office of radio Hereti from Lagodekhi to Signagi so that the employees of the radio station would be able see the changes better.

Davit Tkeshelashvili, Minister for Issues of Regional Management tried to resolve the conflict during his visit in Signagi and within the frameworks of pre election campaign. Tkeshelashvili was accompanied by Levan Bezhashvili and Nugzar Abulashvili. However, the incident did not finish here. Bezhashvili demanded from Batiashvili to stop publishing materials about him and his friends, and if she would still publish them, then he demanded to be interviewed.

Bezhashvili became angry with the employees of Hereti when they publicized discrediting information about allegations of Bezhashvili’s corruption in social spheres. The radio station highlighted the issues of Bezhashvili’s politics on selection of human resources in Kakheti region and the appointment of Bezhashvili’s friends and even former corrupted officers to various positions.

Source: Medianews

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