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Georgian Young Lawyers Association Demands to Name Those People Who Are Responsible for Incident on June 15

The Georgian Young Lawyers Association (GYLA) requests the MIA to name those people who, according to the deputy Minister Eka Zghuladze, were responsible for the incident at the Tbilisi Main Police Department on June 15.

A month has already passed after the petition was sent to the Ministry but there is no reply yet. According to Administrative Code it is denial of the governmental structure to release information. 

GYLA filed administrative complaint to the MIA and demanded public information immediately.

Representatives of the organization think the Georgian society has right to know who was punished for the incident at the Main Police Department on June 15 when tenth of citizens were injured.

“Besides that, there is no legal base to hide the names of those people who were punished with disciplinarian responsibility by the MIA. Action of authorities in the democratic society especially when this action humiliates the fundamental human rights and freedom should always be discussed and criticized by the society. According to Article 40 of the Administrative Code, public institution should release public information immediately or within 10 days if there are no exclusions in this article”, stated the representatives of the GYLA.

Source: Interpressnews 

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