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Non-governmental Organization “Protect the Life” Will Join Protest Rally on September 28

Rally with the slogan “Saakashvili’s government shall be punished” will be organized by the political movement “November 7.”

Member of the NGO “Protect the Life” Iuri Vazagashvili said their organization condemns the statement of Mikheil Saakashvili who said: “Every person who was killed by policemen was criminal”.

“Saakashvili declared our dead sons criminals. More than 100 victimized families are members of our organization and according to his statement we are all criminals. I express my condolence to the family of the killed policeman. Nobody knows better than we do what a huge pain is death of a son. But our president should not make similar statements. He is not president of the police only and gap must not be created between the society and police,” said Vazagashvili.

The organization calls upon to every unfairly victimized person to join the rally on September 28. Today, the members of the Protect the Life gave a press-conference.

On September 16, during the incident on Uznadze Street three policemen were wounded by a criminal and one of them died as a result of serious wounds. President of Georgia visited the wounded policemen in Ghudushauri hospital and stated that “the protectors of criminals shall be responsible for the death of the policeman.”

”Every time when policemen used gun, people held demonstrations to protest it; they put up photos of those policemen. Consequently, our law enforcement officers confused. If they had killed this criminal too, people would have gone out in the street and put up photos of the policemen in the street. And the criminal will be declared a victim of state terror. Those people shall be responsible for the death of this policeman,” said president.

The members of the NGO “Protect the Life” are family members and attorneys of the young people who were killed by the policemen during special operation or in different occasions.

Source: Interpressnews

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