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Gigi Ugulava’s Supporters from Regions Are Registered in Tbilisi

National Movement, the ruling party, is already preparing to fraud elections. The ruling party started to register residents of regions of Georgia in Tbilisi, who will vote for Gigi Ugulava in the elections of local self-government in 2010.

We were reported from several regions that local coordinators of the National Movement have already started active work to support Gigi Ugulava, candidate for the mayor of the capital. They offer residents of regions to get registered in the capital if they vote for him in the upcoming elections.

According to the information reported from Kvemo Kartli region (with Davit Kirkitadze as a regional governor), they already started to seize IDs from local population and change registration places in them.”I definitely know that several residents of our village handed in their IDs in order to get registered. This process is going on. However, we cannot claim how many people must be registered in Tbilisi according to the directives given to regional and district coordinators of the National Movement,” said residents of Kvemo Kartli region in their conversation with the news agency; the agency met them at the place to check the information.

Registration of the people from regions in Tbilisi is part of priority plan of the Constitutional Security Department within the MIA. Department of Data Akhalaia registers residents of the regions, who are fond of Gigi Ugulava, in the houses of the residents of the capital who support the government.

Cochairman of the Alliance for Georgia and former public defender Sozar Subari spoke about registration of people from the region in the capital some time ago. He claimed the government was working on innovative plans to fraud local elections. More precisely, the former ombudsman said, the National Movement ordered their coordinators in the regions to register people in Tbilisi.

“According to the scheme, the government intends to register about 75 000 people in the capital. They intend to register about 70-100 people at each election district of Tbilisi. If we take into consideration that there are about 750 elections districts in the capital, it makes about 75 000 voters in addition to local voters,” said Subari.

Elections of local self-government and mayor of the capital is scheduled for the end of May of 2010.

Source: News Agency “Pirveli”

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