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Mines on the Military Shooting-Range endowed Three People Lives

The three members of Bilvanidzes family were endowed with the mines, which they found occasionally. The incident occurred in the yard of their house on January 14. The mines turned up in the scrap-iron, which Nugzar Bilvanidze gathered on the previous day at the shooting-range. He began to act when Bilvanidze started to dismiss them. Ketevan Bilvanidze, his wife, and his 5-year-old niece were in the yard at the time. They died on the spot.
Jambul Basiladze, the neighbor: “We heard the noise and when we looked out, the people were shouting…Their bodies are still in the yard. The head of the family gathered scrap-iron on the beach or on the shooting-range. He earned money by gathering the scrap-iron.”
The family of Blanchivadzes is in the list of socially disabled people. Three families live in one house. The income of the family is the money which they get by gathering the scrap-irons.
According to the official information, they began the works to clear Gonio shooting-range from the torpedo mines after Russian military base left Georgia. The inhabitants stated that, several days before, the military trainings were carried out on the territory.
“The trainings are carried out very often there. When there is no training, we use the territory to take cows for pasture. We are afraid. The truth is that when we are on the territory our life is in danger”, state the inhabitants of Gonio.
Besides Bilvanidzesm, Urekhi military shooting-range sacrificed the lives of two juveniles - Richard Virubov and Levan Leonidze. They were playing on the territory when the dynamites began to explode.

Maka Malakmadze, Adjara

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