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EUMM Expresses Concern About Recent Incidents in Gali District

EUMM expresses concerned about recent incidents in Gali district and urges restraints on all sides. The Mission spread special announcement regarding the incident.

More precisely, the EUMM expresses its deep concern about reports of recent incidents in Gali district which have resulted in the death of three local officials, injuries to others, various detentions and reports of some homes being set on fire.

“This is a rapidly changing situation and the details remain unclear. As EUMM has no direct access to the area, it can not ascertain the exact nature or dynamics of these incidents. Whilst local investigations are underway though, it is very important that all sides refrain from comments that could further increase tension in the area. Restraint is needed to ensure that the confidence of the local population is not harmed and stability not endangered,” announced the EUMM.

The EUMM also believes that a meeting between all the relevant authorities on both sides of the Abkhazian administrative boundary line is necessary as soon as possible to ensure co-operation in resolving this situation.

On June 1, an officer of the Abkhazian frontier police was killed in the village of Dikhazurga; on June 3, the head of the Abkhazian administration Katsia was killed in the village of Repi. Sokhumi de-facto authority blames the Georgian Special Forces in both accidents. According to Georgian version, the reason of the murders was distribution of the taxes paid by the Georgian population.

According to the legitimate government of Abkhazian Autonomous Republic, the Abkhazian militia started punitive operations in Dikhazurgi; they burnt several houses and beat several young men. Abkhazian side categorically denies the information about punitive operations.

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