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Mother of murdered Dito Dentoshvili Accuses the Investigation of Partiality

Tamar Dentoshvili, the mother of Dito Dentoshvili murdered in Telavi, is accusing the Kakheti Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affair of not being impartial in the case. According to Tamar Dentoshvili, a national party member of the Telavi local government, Temur Metreveli deliberately killed her son, and a criminal case has been filed according to paragraph 2, article 117 of Criminal Code, which regards to a deliberate and serious damage to one’s body causing death.

On July 3, 2010, a fight occurred in the park of culture and recreation, in Telavi.  Member of the ruling party, 26 years old Temur Metreveli, severely beat 42 years old, Dito Dentoshvili. According to witnesses, after the fight, Metreveli hit Dentoshvili with a stone in the head. Dentoshvili was seriously injured. He was taken to the emergency deparment of the hospital in a severe condition where he died on July 7. Metreveli was arrested only after accounts of the incident were broadcasted by Kakheti Information Center. Teimuraz Metreveli has been put under a two month preliminary arrest as a compulsory measure. The Office of Prosecutor is charging him in accordance with paragraph 2, article 11 of the Criminal Code. This article details deliberate and serious injury to one’s body, that results in death and is punishable by imprionsoment for four to six years.

Teimuraz Metreveli was number six on the list of the “United National Movement” for May 30, 2010 local government elections. He was the supervisor of the reserve, mandatory and procedural commission.

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