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The Leaseholder Companies of the Poti Port Do not Pay Salaries to the Dismissed Employees


                                                           Inga Gvasalia, Samegrelo

About 400 employees of the leaseholder companies “Prometko Georgia” and “Geesko” in Poti Port have been unsuccessfully demanding salary arrears and reemployment for several months.

On August 1 they were dismissed without getting their three months` salaries.

The above-mentioned Companies leased the docks several years ago from the port. Thus, the Port discharges itself from the obligation to cover salary arrears. The employees left without jobs and salaries appeal to the local government for help and claim that their rights are violated.

“We cannot get our salaries for three months. yet On August 1, we were  fired. We appeal to everybody, who has the smallest connection with it to inform them about our problems and request them to assist us in getting our salaries”, the former employees of the port say.

As the Poti Mayor Vakhtang Lemonjava told us, after the government involved in the situation, the initiative group of the dismissed employees and one of the company founders Rati Ghvamberia met each other. “With our assistance, the initiative group carried out negotiation with one of the founders Rati Ghvamberia two days ago. I think those people have to appeal to the court to resolve their problems. We assist them with recommendations.”

One of the founders of “Prometko” and “Geesko” Companies is the former Minister of Economics Vano Chkhartishvili. According to the Poti Mayor, Ghvamberia negotiates with his companion Chkhartishvili, who is abroad at the moment. According to the spread information, Vano Chkhartishvili, who was high-ranking official during Shevardnadze’s government, fled from the current government and is not going to return to Georgia for a long time. But before he returns to Georgia the Companies, who are associated with him, will always have problems in the Poti Port.

As we learned during the conversation with  the Poti Mayor, the leaseholder companies ”Prometko Georgia” and “Geesko” in the “The Poti Port” may be replaced by a new company

“We have a new perspective leaseholder Company”Peis” which will replace “Prometko Georgia” and “Geesko”, We try to take guarantee from the new leaseholder not to dismiss or reduce employees after signing the contract. According to our information, “Peis” will start operation at one of the docks till the end of the year, and they will start their operations on the second one till the end of February of 2011”, Lemonjava stated.

Several days ago, the reduced employees held a rally; they requested re-employment and unpaid salaries.

The Poti Port has always been main employment place for the population of the West Georgia. Recently many employees have been reduced at the Port and it is continues now. The salary arrears of the dismissed employees amounted to 300 000GEL. According to the recent information the lease holder companies will pay only the part of the arrears.
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