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Georgian Green Movement Protests Spread of Hybrid Corn Seed

Non-governmental organization Georgian Green Movement protests import and spread of hybrid corn and wheat seeds which was supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia. According to the organization, the seed material was worked out by dangerous substances.

“We do not have information whether the seed was tested; how effective and acceptable they are for our region. It is noteworthy, that spread of hybrid sorts of plants is banned because of economical, agricultural and environmental means. Hybrid plants have rich harvest only in the first year with the support of huge number of poisons of the provider company. Next year, the corn cannot be used as seed because it cannot crop up. So, a peasant will have to buy the seed every year from the company though it is not cheap at all. This year, one kilo of the corn seed costs 10 GEL. Nobody knows what it will cost next year.

Georgian Green Movement thinks hybrid seeds cannot be spread so intensively. The seed shall be tested and planted on the experimental plots. If the seed is largely spread in the country, Georgian peasants and farmers will lose chance to save seed for the second year and will rely on the importer companies. Furthermore, unique Georgian corn species will disappear which have already adapted to the local climate. It is noteworthy the seed was imported to many countries but it was qualified as economical sabotage,” the official statement of the Green Movement.

The Georgian Green Movement calls upon the parliament and government of Georgia to be more provident when making life-important decisions like development of the Georgian agriculture and not to get influenced by separate foreign or local private companies.

Besides that, the Green Movement calls upon the peasants and farmers to resist the spread of hybrid corn seeds in the country and if they are forced to purchase it, do not plant them in their plots and not to eat the corn because the seed is worked out by dangerous substances.

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