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Photo-Reporters’ Case Reminded Giorgi Tsagareishvili of Georgian Movie “Repentance”

MP Giorgi Tsagareishvili from the political party Free Democrats is sure that the photo-reporters are victims of the President Saakashvili’s personal revenge and their case reminded him the movie “Repentance”.

Tsagareishvili told the Interpresnews that the so-called evidence published by the MIA is not enough to doubt about the espionage of the photo-reporters. He said it is unreal that the accused of espionage, let’s say the woman who was also detained, was released under bail. In addition, the MP cannot imagine that the photo-reporters were talking on the phone about money-transfers earned by espionage when everybody in Georgia knows that our cell-phones are listened to. Moreover, Tsagareishvili could not hear anything suspicious in those phone-conversations.

“Nobody, who is spy, will call his partner and speak about their activities over the phone. Particularly when we all know that Ivane Merabishvili (Minister of Interior) almost has our phones on his table,” said Tsagareishvili.

He added that all published materials cast doubt that all accusation documents were fabricated and everything is connected with personal revenge of Mikheil Saakashvili and Ivane Merabishvili.

“Supposedly, they shot some awkward facts in various places and Ivane Merabishvili informed Saakashvili about it; consequently, Merabishvili arrested them. I mean, the recent decisions of the government, among them detention of the photo-reporters, finally proved that Saakashvili and his company are enjoying the tyranny,” said Giorgi Tsagareishvili and added that photo-reporters’ case reminded him of the famous Georgian movie “Repentance.”


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