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Malkhaz Gulashvili and His Son Willfully Surrendered to Georgian Law-Enforcement Authorities

The founder of Georgian Times Malkhaz Gulashvili and his son Davit Gulashvili willfully surrendered to Georgian law enforcement authorities. Wife of Gulashvili Nana Gagua stated to the news agency Pirveli yesterday.

According to her, Malkhaz Gulashvili had acknowledged the fact of illegal crossing of border in the very beginning.

“We acknowledged in the very beginning that we made mistake regarding the illegal crossing of border. We wanted to come back to Georgia very much but since my son was still a high school student we did not want him to lose a year. He graduated from Georgian high school then became a student of diplomacy faculty of University of Slovakia. Then we consulted with our lawyer Teo Peradze and he stated that we were coming back to Georgia. The lawyer met us at the border then Malkhaz and our son were detained by complying with all legal norms. I would like to singlehandedly state that no pressure, neither psychological no physical took place. Everything went democratically and in a civilized way. Now my son is at home and this is the most important thing for me,” – Nana Gagua stated to Pirveli.

As for the statement of Office of Chief Prosecutor that Gulashvili was under prosecution due to the incident occurred in the TV Company Caucasia along with the illegal crossing of border, Nana Gagua explains that “Malkhaz Gulashvili has nothing to do with this incident and it is not noted in his charge.”

As for Davit Gulashvili, the criminal proceedings are still underway against him.

“We understand that my son will have to face Georgian judiciary and he will. In several days we will work on transferring his documents from Slovakia to Georgian University so he can continue his education in Georgia,” – Nana Gagua stated.

Georgia law-enforcement detained Malkhaz Gulashvili and his son Davit Gulashvili on October 25th at Georgia-Azerbaijani border.

“Malkhaz Gulashvili fully acknowledged his crime and cooperated with the investigation as a result of which the plea-bargain agreement was made with him and he was sentenced to a year and six month in prison. As for Davit Gulashvili, he was released under bail,” – Office of Prosecutor states.

Davit Gulashvili was searched for illegal crossing of border.

Information Agency Pirveli

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