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“Building Aziz Mosque in Batumi Has More of a Political Context”

According to the Mufti of the mosque situated in Batumi Jemal Paskadze, building Aziz mosque in Batumi “is more of a political matter.” As he stated to Palitra.tv, he would like the most to be built with Georgian architecture and ornaments.

“The goal of the congregation is to have a mosque in Batumi. Georgian Muslims have been requesting this before the start of negotiations between the Culture Ministries of these two countries. However, Aziz Mosque has more of a political context. We want to build the mosque with Georgian ornaments and architecture. The mullah should be Georgian. The preaching and liturgy should take place in Georgian language,” – Jemal Paskadze noted.

According to the mufti, their one more request is to subordinate the Aziz Mosque to the newly established Agency of Muslims of Georgia.

Georgian government gave consent to Turkey’s request to build Aziz Church in exchange for the restoration of Oshki and Ishkhani Monasteries. Nika Rurua, the Minister of Culture and Monument Preservation of Georgia stated the following to interpressnews.

According to his explanation, the parties made this agreement when he visited Turkey.

“In order to save Oshki and Ishkhani from destruction, it is essential to make an agreement with Turkey. Though the monument is Georgian, it is situated in Turkey. Oshki monument has never been restored and that is why it will not stand one more snow season. In exchange for the restoration of Georgian monasteries, Turkish side is requesting to build Azizi mosque on any place allocated by the government of Autonomous Republic of Adjara which will be financed by them and Akhmedie will be included in this. This was the essential condition to save Oshki and Ishkhani. I agreed on this. Soon we will sign the memorandum and the restoration will start,” – Rurua noted.

Nika Rurua made an official visit to Turkey several days ago. Abdul Aziz was the sultan of empire of Osmalia in the 19th century.


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