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Prisoner Gocha Archaia Died because of Negligence



On February 22, prisoner Gocha Archaia, 41, died in the Gldani Jail Hospital # 18. His health conditions were extremely grave. Although he suffered from several acute diseases, he was not released from imprisonment before death.

Gocha Archaia took medical treatment for the following diseases: lung tuberculosis in the phase of infiltration; AIDs C3 Category with consummation syndrome; chronic diarrhea; chronic C virus hepatitis, chronic phringit. On February 10, 2010, based on the decision of the medical consultation group, the sick person involved the program for anti-tuberculosis treatment.

Head of the Legal Aid Center at the Human Rights Center Nino Andriashvili was attorney of the late prisoner. She said Gocha Archaia willfully stopped anti-AIDs therapy because the medicines had side-effects like: weakness, dizziness, pain in limbs and difficulties of movement. The Scientific-Practical Center for the Infection Pathology AIDs and Clinical Immunology confirmed the information.

The prisoner was registered at the Scientific-Practical Center since November 24, 2005. He took last tests on March 16, 2010 and they diagnosed: AIV Infection/AIDs, C3 Category; active tuberculosis infection, chronic C virus hepatitis.

In accordance to the Article 13 Part III of the resolution # 72/n of the Ministry of Labor, Healthcare and Social Welfare, convicted person can be released from imprisonment based on the AIV Infection AIDs with consummation syndrome.

On September 22, 2011 the lawyer of the Human Rights Center Nino Andriashvili petitioned to the joint commission of the Ministry of Corrections and Legal Aid and Ministry of Labor, Healthcare and Social Welfare of Georgia to study health conditions of Gocha Archaia and release him from imprisonment early in time. The Commission had to make decision within one month but they did not study the case yet, despite the petition of the lawyer.

During his last meeting with the lawyer, the convicted requested permission to spend his last days with his children and wife.

The Human Rights Center is extremely astonished with the negligence and inattention of the joint commission of the Ministry of Correction and Legal Aid and Ministry of Labor, Healthcare and Social Welfare towards the prisoners. The Center hopes Gocha Archaia will be the last prisoner who dies in prison and in future the Commission will implement its responsibilities under the law – to timely study similar cases and release adequate decisions.

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