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Some Other Amendments Drafted for Constitution besides CDM Initiative

Besides the initiative of Christian Democrat Movement supposedly new amendments might be introduced to the Constitution of Georgia considering the citizenship of the EU member country. CDM leader Giorgi Targamadze said their initiative aims to allow citizens of EU member country, who was born in Georgia, to participate in the elections in Georgia and even occupy high positions in the country like prime-minister, president and chair of the parliament of Georgia.

He said session of constitutional commission for general-public discussion will be held today and his team will make additional proposals there. “Today, we promptly added this issue to the agenda in order not to prolong the process,” Targamadze said and added that additional details both with regard to the constitution and other laws will be presented during discussion process.

As for the position of the parliamentary majority, chair of the Parliament’s Legal Committee Pavle Kublashvili said the person, born in Georgia and living in Georgia for the last ten years who is EU member state citizen, shall enjoy equal rights as any Georgian citizen. He said additional details will be discussed in the frame of general-public discussion commission.

Current edition of the Georgian Constitution disables an individual holding dual citizenship to be a chair of parliament, prime minister and president in Georgia.

According to the CDM’s initiative, any Georgian citizen can be elected Member of Parliament from the age of 21, who was born in Georgia, has lived in Georgia for the last ten years and is citizen of EU member state.


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