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Global TV Company to Dismantle All Satellite Antennas throughout Georgia


Global TV Company will have to dismantle all dish antennas throughout Georgia, the foreign share-holder of the company, Alexander Ronzhes said at a press conference at the Tbilisi Marriot hotel.

According to him, they were ordered by the court to dismantle all antennas on the basis of the suit entered by Rustavi 2 and Imedi TV in March.

“In March of 2012 we received letters from the TV-Companies Rustavi 2, Akhali Arkhi, mze, Sakartvelo to stop their broadcasting,” American businessman said.

Ronzhes said the decision would lead to bankruptcy of the company.

Later, Rustavi 2 and Imedi appealed to the Court and requested to suspend all kind of transition of the Global TV. The court satisfied this decision and now we will have to remove all dish antennas throughout Georgia to execute their judgment,” said foreign share-holder of the Global TV. He said it will cause final close up of the Company.

“Global TV Company had a successful business earlier. However, we had problems with the government when we decided to translate Maestro TV. The problems were complicated when we decided to translate the 9th Channel too. Recently, 50 state agencies have cut contacts with us. We are forbidden to take part in national competitions. Our company faces bankruptcy”, Ronzhes said.

He said the Company has already left corresponding market in act.

“We had 11 000 subscribers that was 6% of the market. But I assume current situation as business problem. I, as foreign investor, should be encouraged in order to invest more money in Georgia. However, the message of the state to foreign investors wishing to invest in media, is negative. I am American citizen and the thing I most value in my country is that basic human rights are protected while current situation in Georgia breaches rights of Georgian people. I am concerned about the government’s inactivity to protect freedom of speech; I am also concerned about the fact that government prefers to destroy company rather than develop it and contribute to economic development,” 17% share holder of Global TV said.

Kakha Bekauri, Director General of the 9th Channel and Davit Zilfimiani, founder of the ‘Stereo +’ company attended the press conference.


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