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Levan Kardava Axkhalaias’s Ally Is New Head of CSD

According to the information of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Levan Kardava was appointed as a head of Constitutional Security Department of MIA. Before that, he worked in the same department.

Levan Kardava’s brother Megis Kardava is a high-ranking official of the Ministry of Defense.

The Kardavas are the relatives of Bacho Akhalaia, new minister of interior, and according to human rights organizations they were famous for their particular cruelty in Samegrelo.

Lawyers have requested criminal liability of Megis Kardava several times. Before joining     the Ministry of Defense, he was the deputy head of Zugdidi Police Regional Department. His name is affiliated with the various well-known cases, for example, case of convicted Malkhaz Arkania, whose case is studied by international organizations.

Arkania’s lawyers alleged that Kardava personally took part in prisoner’s torture and compelled him to confess participation in the 2008-2010 terrorist acts in Samegrelo region which are not resolved yet. More precisely, it is about two terrorist acts in Mujava village, when Tsalenjikha district governor Mebonia and local inhabitant Tsalabua were killed.

It is noteworthy, that local investigators still face problems for not having resolved this case.  
Local Inhabitants characterize Megis Kardava as a very cruel and ruthless man and claim that he often abused his power.  While talking to “Pirveli”, locals recalled facts of beating prisoners, groundless raid of local people when he is drunk.

People still remember physical assault of doctor Gocha Ekhvaia. Kardava was compelling him to confess he had treated kidnapped child and later another person was arrested for this case.

 “The Golden Era” for Megis Kardava started in Samegrelo after the “Rose Revolution”.  
                                                                                   Information agency”Pirveli”

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