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They Damaged the Journalist’s Car During Ivanishvili’s Visit in Vachnadzeani

They damaged Roman Kevkhishvili’s car when Bidzina Ivanishvili, the leader of the coalition “Georgian Dream”, visited Vachnadzeani village which recently suffered from a  natural disaster. Roman Kevkhishvili is the journalist of “Palitra Media”. He thinks that Ivanishvili’s bodyguards damaged his car.

“When Ivanishvili finished his meeting with Vachnadzeani inhabitants and I went to get in the car, I heard the dead soldier’s mother shout to Ivanishvili that Georgia’s entrance in Russia was not “Georgian Dream” and I stopped to shoot it. When I went to my car I saw that it had huge damages on the left side, both in the front and in the back. I do not know whether they kicked it or used something else to damage it. I think Ivanishvili’s bodyguards or his supporters did it. Anyway, my car was sitting so it would not block Ivanishvili’s escort to go through the road”, Roman Kevkhishvili said to the Information Centre of Kakheti.

Gela Mtivlishvili, a journalist at the Information Centre of Kakheti, claimed that if he did not leave in time the members of Ivanishvili’s bodyguard and the boys dressed in “Georgian Dream” shirts would have damaged his car. There were nearly ten cars in Ivanishvili’s escort. The roads are narrow because of construction goingon in the village. When Ivanishvili’s escort stopped and he went on foot, we also stopped. I got out of my car and began to shoot. Then it turned out the escort went uphill. We were working. When they decided to leave the village I stopped recording in order to get my car out of their way. When I got there they were hitting my car. When I told them to stop they were very aggressive. They told me that I stopped the car on purpose block the traffic and they were cursing”, Mtivlishvili said.

Information centre of Kakheti

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