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Meka Khangoshvili: “We Have Reason for Fear that Chataev Might Be Extradited to Russia”

Representative of Chechen Diaspora in Georgia and advisor to the State Minister for Reintegration Issues Meka Khangoshvili appeals to international human rights organizations to protect interests of Chechen refugee Akhmed Chataev, who was detained in relation with special operation in Lopota Gorge.

“We are horrified with the information that Akhmed Chataev might be extradited to Russia. It is impossible to be implemented under the law because Akhmed Chataev has received political asylum in Austria but we still are very afraid because this court released Chechen warriors Ruslan Ali Khajiev and two more persons from the courtroom in 2004 but two days later they disappeared; two weeks later we found them in the Krasnodar and Stavropol prisons in Russia,” Meka Khanoghsivli told ICK.

“It gives ground to our fear that any illegal action might take place. I appeal to all human rights organizations to protect rights of arbitrarily imprisoned Akhmed Chataev. We do not trust to the court, which did not release him on November 1 despite his health problems –his left leg and right hand were amputated; his wound is not cured yet and it might turn into gangrene and he needs additional surgery,” Meka Khangoshvili said.

ICK reported that government of Georgia intended to extradite Akhmed Chataev to Russia. Russian prosecutor’s office confirmed that Russian Federation had sought Chataev for several years already and representatives of the two countries negotiate on this issue; however Chataev’s refugee status issued by Austria on him hinders extradition.

Akhmed Chataev has been arbitrarily imprisoned in Gldani Jail Prison # 18 for more than one month.


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