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Rustavi 2 Director General Nika Gvaramia Detained

December 20, 2012 

Nika Gvaramia, Director General of TV company Rustavi 2 was detained on December 19 by Investigation Service of the Ministry of Finance for financial machination and forged documents. Along with him Alexander Khetaguri, former Minister of Energy as well as Kakha Damenia, former deputy Minister of Economy and Devi Kandelaki, chief executive officer of Telasi and Giorgi Nemsitsveridze, founder of L & F Service have been arrested.

According to the investigation Vadim Mitushin, the representative of Khramhesi 1, Khramhesi 2, Mtkvari Energetics LLC and Russian power trader Inter RAO started talks with former Energy Minister Khetaguri to avert the tax probe into the aforementioned companies, hence escape the payment of tens of millions of GEL to the budget.

The Investigative Department alleges that Devi Kandelaki, having got involved into the talks, offered Alexander Khetaguri the bribe of USD 1 mln in return for the State consent on the prevention of tax probe.

Khetaguri accepted the offer and with the view of legalizing the aforementioned USD 1 mln sent Devi Kandelaki to his ally Nika Gvaramia. Khetaguri held beforehand talks with Gvaramia over the issue,” reads the statement released by the Investigation Service.

Gvaramia, the Service alleges, got in touch with his associate Giorgi Nemsitsveridze to offer him launch a consulting service L & F Service, in order to transfer, in return for the bogus consultation, the suggested USD 1 mln to the company account from Georgia-based energy generation and energy distribution companies owned by Inter RAO. 

 “Following Khetaguri’s assignment and Gvaramia’s arrangement, in agreement with Kandelaki, with no need for such service, some forged official documents were signed. In particular agreements on consulting service between L & F Service, Khramhesi 1, Khramhesi 2, Mtkvari Energetics LLC and Telasi. The deal was affixed an earlier date,” the official reports.

According to the same statement the transferred amount, with the view of its legalization, was handed over to Nika Gvaramia. Gvaramia, the investigation alleges, asked his associates Kakha Damenia and Izabela Gutadze, founders of Gutidze, Dameina, Chantaldze Solution company for help. In 2012 some fictitious subcontractor agreements were signed between L & F Service and Gutidze, Dameina, Chantaldze Solution company as well as the aforementioned energy companies on providing consultative and other kind of work.

After Gvaramia got aware that the Investigation Service of the Ministry of Finance showed concern into the case quasi L & F Service-owned cash balance of GEL 1,184,950 was placed in Damenia’s safe. The sum was seized by the investigation,” reads the statement released by the Investigation Service.

The investigation is being on under the charges of bribe-giving, bribe-accepting, forged documents, and false entrepreneurship in line with several articles of the Criminal Code of Georgia.