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Gamsakhurdiya vs Russia!


Human Rights Center’s application to the European Court of Human Rights

On November 8, at 14:00 pm, Human Rights Center will hold press-conference about the case pending before the European Court of Human Rights Gamsakhurdiya vs Russia in the press-conference hall of the Human Rights House Tbilisi.

Human Rights Center sent application against Russia in the name of applicant Gocha Gamsakhurdiya to the ECtHR on March 26, 2013. The applicant alleged that Russian Federation had breached his right to respect private and family right, equality principle between spouses, prohibition of torture and right to effective remedy guaranteed by the European Convention and additional protocols.

Gocha Gamsakhurdiya’s wife and underage child have been missing since April 2, 2012; he does not know their whereabouts. Although Gocha Gamsakhurdiya had petitioned to the investigative bodies of the Russian Federation several times, they refuse to inform him about their address.

In reply to the protest note of the Foreign Ministry of Georgia, Russian MIA refused to disclose the information about the whereabouts of the applicant’s family. Gocha Gamsakhurdiya and his family members hold citizenships of Russia and Georgia. Russian MIA warned Gocha Gamsakhurdiya against crossing the Russian border; otherwise his life could be in danger. 

Gocha Gamsakhurdiya has spent almost two years without his child. One and half year ago he left home and moved to the orphanage of the Mtskheta St. Giorgi Mtatsmindeli Monastery, where he works as an assistant.

His right to parenthood, his right to know the location of his child and communicate with him was breached. His right to effective remedy in the territory of Russia is also breached. 

Human Rights Center hopes Gocha Gamsakhurdiya will manage to restitute his rights and implement his obligations as a father with the support of the ECtHR. In addition to that, the interests of his underage son will also be protected. 

Human Rights Center 
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