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Head of Temporary Detention Facility in Kakheti Beat Citizen

Kakheti Information Center

Official authority of the head of Kakheti Temporary Detention Facility, Nukri Kikilashvili, was terminated due to the beating of civilian. According to the information of MIA, Kikalishvili physically assaulted the owner of a restaurant in Tsnori, Ivane Jaliashvili. According to the wife of Jaliashvili, her husband received face and chest injuries as a result.

As Sopo Akopashvili, wife of Ivane Jaliashvili stated to the Kakheti Information Center, Kikalishvili celebrated birthday of his child in the restaurant one year ago, but never paid the cost of the party – 570 GEL.

“One year ago, Kikilashvili came to the restaurant and told us that he wanted to celebrate golden birthday of his child and promised to pay the cost by the end of month, at the time of receiving salary. My husband reminded him of the debt every week after the deadline passed. When he called him last time, he said that he would sell his mini-bus for the coming Sunday and would give money back on Monday. My husband called him again to remind his promise. He asked him to go to his place to get the money. When my husband met him, Kikilashvili was drunk. He met him angrily and started hitting him. My husband has diabetes. He has also had a heart surgery. Kikalishvili hit him in the chest and he went into coma. He still has headaches. We control his health state every day in the hospital,” – Sopo Akopashvili stated to Kakheti Information Center.

According to Information of MIA, the investigation into the fact is underway according to part I of article 125 of Criminal Code of Georgia which envisages offence of beating.

Nukri Kikilashvili was appointed to the position of the head of Kakheti Temporary Detention Facility after the 2012 parliamentary elections. He was activist of Georgian Dream during the pre-election campaign. On September 2nd of 2012, he physically assaulted member of UNM, Natia Mirianashvili and was detained as a result. Kikilashvili was freed by the court in exchange of fine.
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