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Georgian Dream Held Party Conference in Gurjaani


Lela Khechoshvili, Kakheti

Georgian Dream held its conference in Gurjaani, which was closed for media. The meeting in the Gurjaani music school started with noise. Bureau members of the ruling coalition Khatuna Betsiashvili and Tsitsino Ghviniashvili arrived at the meeting but they were not allowed in; the organizers clarified that they were not in the list of participants.

According to Khatuna Betsiashvili and Tsitsino Ghviniashvili, members of the United National Movement participated in the conference instead honorable members of the Georgian Dream. The ladies said they do not know why the Coalition had not invited them to the conference. At the end of the Conference, the bureau members met the Minister of Energy and Prime-Minister of Georgia Kakhi Kaladze; the latter promised them to find out the situation.

“Kaladze told me she will find out the situation in Tbilisi. I played a huge role in the establishment of the Georgian Dream organization in Kakheti but now they expelled me from the conference. I will definitely meet Kaladze and tell him everything. If I were at the conference, they would not have elected Vano Beridzishvili on the position of the chairman of the local organization,” Tsitsino Ghviniashvili said.

At the conference, the Georgian Dream elected the chairman of the regional organization, bureau members and assembly delegates. Chairman of the Gurjaani Municipal Board Vano Beridzishvili was elected to the position of the Georgian Dream’s local organization’s chair. Davit Lagidze, Levan Khaziuri, Zakro Kachlishvili, Tamaz Shishniashvili and Eter Loladze were elected in the bureau.

After the conference, the Minister of Energy Kakhi Kaladze commented about the increased tariff on gas in Telavi. He said it is discriminative approach to people and added that they work on making the tariff equal for all citizens of Georgia.  

“It was decided in 2008-2009 for the purpose of regulating social segment. It was purposeful decision of the previous government, to encourage gasification process particularly in the regions – with it not only company Socar and the state could perform activities but other private companies too. Neither the state nor the Regulation Commission interferes in it because it is regulated segment. This problem is not only in Kakheti but in other regions too. For example, there are two licensed companies in Mukhiani settlement of Tbilisi. One part of population has lower tariff and the second higher. It is discriminative approach. We work on balancing the tariffs so that every citizen of our country had equal tariffs,” the Minister said.

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