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Human Rights Center Appealed the Court against Medical Clinic Lancet

November 17, 2016
Tomorrow, at 12:30 pm, in the press-club of the news agency Pirveli, Human Rights Center will hold a press-conference about the cases of the deceased patients of the medical clinic Lancet, who died as a result of liver transplantation. 

Human Rights Center is alarmed with the series of the violations which finally resulted into the death of patients in the medical clinic Lancet. Medical treatment and manipulations the patients underwent in the clinic were conducted in blatant violation of the law that is proved by the State Agency for the Regulation of Medical Activities. The doctors, who conducted the operation, did not have license to conduct liver-transplantation operations at all; the necessary procedures were not followed either.

On November 16, Human Rights Center appealed the court with regard to the case of deceased patient Giorgi Chubinidze.

On February 12, 2016 Giorgi Chubinidze visited the clinic Lancet to get free consultations from the foreign doctors. After a conversation, Doctor Mirjalar Kiarim told him he needed immediate surgical operation because they detected thrombosis in the liver vein during examination.

Giorgi Chubinidze had liver problem for 7 years. In 2014, he took comprehensive medical examination in Spain, which showed that he had Cirrhosis. In 2015 he travelled to Spain for repeated tests. As the situation had not worsened since the first examination, Spanish doctors clarified to him that he did not need any medical procedures for the next 6 months. However, the doctors in the Lancet tried to convince him that he did not have time to hesitate and fly to Spain.

The family did not have 40 000 USD to pay the fee of the surgical operation but the clinic’s representatives offered him “a help” and on March 6, 2016 Giorgi Chubinidze signed debt agreement with the clinic’s representative in the Notary office. The agreement states that Giorgi Chubinidze voluntarily acknowledged the loan of 40 000 USD to Giorgi Archvadze. The clinic Lancent is not mentioned in the agreement at all; it does not state that Giorgi Archvadze worked in the clinic. It is unclear why the medical clinic needed to sign similar debt agreement with the patient.

Interesting detail:  At 22:00 pm, Giorgi Chubinidze, who was placed in hospital for “urgent operation,” was taken out from the hospital chamber to the Notary office to sign the debt agreement. Next morning, liver –transplantation was done. On the fifth day health conditions of Giorgi Chubinidze worsened – started bleeding and the patient’s face got swollen; several days later he deceased.

Before the operation, Giorgi Chubinidze took expensive analysis and patterns were sent to Germany. The doctors in Lancet did not wait for answers saying it was not important. 

Human Rights Center demands:

Relevant institutions to investigate the activities of the medical clinic Lancet and hold not only the doctors, who participated in the concrete liver transplantation operation, but the entire medical clinic, responsible for the violations, as some other similar facts also occurred in the clinic recently.

The medical personnel, who directly participated in Giorgi Chubinidze’s case, shall have their professional license suspended for ever and the clinic Lancet shall be deprived of the right to conduct transplantation operations. 

Human Rights Center