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Campaign “Swim Safe” will hold another action on the River Mtkvari embankment


On September 6, at 13:00 am, the campaign Swim Safe will organize another action on the River Mtkvari embankment in the end of Tekla Batonishvili street in Samgori district, Tbilisi, where a month ago, the brothers, 20 and 25, drowned.  

Concrete quadrants are scattered around the accident area, which is allegedly artificially arranged dam to bank the river water. This place attracts fishers and young people living in the district, who swim in the Mtkvari. The river is much polluted with the sewage system of Tbilisi that is another threat for their health. 
The embankment of the River Mtkvari has never been studied by the specialists to ensure safety of citizens and plan respective preventive measures. Many people have drowned both in Tbilisi and in the regions of Georgia in the River Mtkvari. The Ministry of Internal Affairs formally opens investigation into those facts and then cancels it. The investigation never identifies the state institutions or private companies, who are responsible to manage the water bodies and ensure safety of citizens in them. 
Last year, Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum Georgian National Platform, on behalf of 91 member organizations, appealed the Government of Georgia to timely elaborate the policy for the prevention of accidents related with the water bodies. 
World Health Organization provides measures for prevention of the drowning caused death. These measures are on the one hand simple and low cost activities and on the other hand, represent very effective prevention mechanisms such as: installation of barriers for controlling the access to the water.
The Campaign Swim Safe was launched on July 16 with the initiative of Ana Dolidze, Human Rights Center, CENN and Progress Center.  The Campaign aims to increase government’s responsibility and raise public awareness.
From September, 2018 the Open Society Foundation supports the Campaign. With their financial support, the Campaign organizes different actions and advocacy activities in Tbilisi and in the regions of Georgia. 

Contact person: Lana Giorgidze – 598 46 70 70 

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