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Guards without arms


Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli

Representatives of the anti-occupation movement – “Power Is in Unity” have been patrolling 24 hours in Atotsi village, Kareli municipality close to the occupation line for one month already. They have set up tents right in the field. They are observing movement of the occupation regime and create obstacles for them to continue demarcation of the so-called border alongside the occupation line. 

After the occupation regime installed iron poles near the Atotsi village to make the fence with barbwire, the representatives of the anti-occupation movement arrived in Atotsi and started patrolling. One of the representatives of the movement Davit Katsarava said their only weapon is mobile phone and if occupation formations appear in the village, they fight against them with live-streaming in social network. 

One of similar incidents happened on December 5, when representatives of the occupation regime appeared in Atotsi and intended to make barbwire fence alongside the occupation line. Davit Katsarava told them in Russian language that their action was aired live via social network.

“If you are Ossetians, it is our land and Russians are using you. If you are Russians, then you are occupants and already know that you are on our territory, on the Georgian land. We are 6-7 people here. We will be more soon and you will have to kill us in front of cameras and the entire world will see it. You will kill the people, who protect their land from you. Remember it and tell your friends. We will not leave the area. If you intend to install at least one pole, you will need to shoot us first. We are ready for that. We do not have arms here not because we do not know how to use guns, but because we are on the right side. It is our land and I am hundred times stronger without guns than those who break into my land with guns,” Katsarava told the representatives of the occupation regime, who left the territory after his speech and did not continue demarcation activities. 

On December 6, the representatives of the occupation regime appeared near Atotsi village again but only for patrolling. Katsarava said their presence near the occupation line creates barriers for the occupation regime to seize additional territories of Georgia. 

“On December 5, the occupation regime representatives were very active; they arrived here with engineering brigade vehicles and were examining the area; it was evident they were planning to continue installation of barbwires that was stopped after our involvement,” Davit Katsarava said.
The demarcation of the so-called “border” at the Atotsi village in Kareli municipality commenced on November 6. The occupants installed poles but have not made barbwire fence yet. 

If the occupation regime continues demarcation of the “border”, another 5 hectares of the land will be occupied, where residents of Atotsi village have agricultural plots. As locals said, they have already cultivated their plots and seeded autumn wheat-corn. 

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