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New political agenda in the Gori municipality self-government


Lado Bitchashvili, Shdia Kartli

After the dissolution of the opposition fraction European Development in the Gori municipality assembly, opposition fraction United National Movement also fell apart in the assembly. The reason was the decision of Irma Ambardnishvili to quit the fraction because of controversy with Badri Basishvili, chairperson of the regional organization of the United National Movement. 

“The fraction was already dissoluted and actually I was alone. Badri Basishvili kept me away from all activities in the party. It was his fault that the members left the party. Just inquire where the active members are, whom Basishvili compelled to leave the party,” Ambardnishvili said.

The head of the UNM’s regional organization said Ambardnishvili played the game of the ruling party and dissoluted the fraction according to their request.

Badri Nanetashvili from the Movement for the Development quitted the mandate of the assembly member in the Gori municipality; Papuna Koberidze replaced him, the second on the proportional list of the party. 
On March 11, at the session, the Gori municipality assembly received notification about the dissolution of the two fractions – UNM and European Development.

Reportedly, the former member of the European Georgia Zviad Sabanadze, Irma Ambardnishvili and Papuna Koberidze started consultation about the creation of the new fraction. However, Irma Ambardnishvili did not confirm the information officially.

“Currently, I am not thinking to join anybody in a fraction or to create a new fraction on my own,” Ambardnishvili said.

The UNM, who had three members in the assembly as a result of 2017 municipal elections, is now negotiating with Kakha Burjanadze, member of the European Georgian, to restore the dissoluted fraction. 

“We are actively negotiating with people, who may be the third in our fraction. We will announce the name after we have confirmation from the new member. At this stage we definitely can state that we will not invite the members of the ruling party to the fraction,” Beka Korchilava from the UNM said.

There are 40 members in the Gori municipality assembly; 32 of them represent the ruling party and the 8 are from the opposition parties. The 40-member assembly had 8 fractions; after two of them were dissolved, 6 fractions remained: 5 fractions were created by the Georgian Dream and one – by the Alliance of Patriots. 

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