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Impoverished Family with Six Children Was Aided

mravalsdhviliani.gifSeveral days ago, Human Rights Center's on-line newspaper published an article about the Begashvilis, a family with six children living in Gurjaani. Luckily, the letter had a great resonance.

“Giorgi Goguadze, Director-General of the "People's Bank" called and asked me to find the family of Begashvilis immediately. The impoverished people were extremely surprised when I informed the hostess of the family, Lia Ghotrishvili, about Mr. Giorgi's proposal. They were allowed to choose the house themselves which afterwards would be purchased for them. We bought the house in their district and transferred it to them on December, 20," said Nodar Zakalashvili, manager of the People's Bank's Gurjaani Branch.

On the same day the family was aided by the officials of the Kakheti Bureau of Environmental Inspection. They gave the family a lorry with firewood, oven, New Year tree, sweets and some products. "The family lived in the poorest conditions. Particularly, little Luka's New Year dream shook us -"I want my sister and brothers to be with me at home and I do not want to be hungry any more and I want to live in a worm house." We will assist them in future, too," said Davit Utmelidze, the chief of the Kakheti Bureau.

The Begiashvilis could not help expressing their happiness. They were grateful both to the charity people and those journalists who showed interest in their poverty. Three-year-old Luka and his six-month-old twin-sisters have warm house at last. They will not be hungry to go to bed. Khatuna Papunashvili, the chief of the Gurjaani Office of the Social Aid Agency, urged the authority to grant the allowance to the family in the nearest future.

One more dream of little Luka soon will come true by Human Rights Center's Kakheti Office. In several days, his sister and brothers, ten-year-old Mery, Seven-year-old Dato and four-year-old Temuka will be able to see their parents and little children every time they wish. Our urge to transfer the children from the telavi Boarding School to Gurjaani Children's House, was satisfied.

Gela Mtivlishvili, Kakheti

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