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Family Members of the Person Killed by Patrol Police Demanding the Truth

December 21, 2004

Family Members of the Person Killed by Patrol Police Demanding the Truth

Tbilisi.16.12.04.Media News. On November 24 in Didube-Chugureti District of Tbilisi Patrol Policeman due to non-obedience opened the fire to the car full of young people.19-year-old Amiran Robakidze died during the fire.

According to law enforcers, the car, in which Giorgi Kurdadze, Akaki Bartaia, Kakhaber Azarashvili, Levan Dangadze, Irakli Mikaberidze and Amiran Robakidze were sitting, was considered suspicious by the patrol police and they pursued the car. The fire was first open from the car and that’s why the police began shooting.

Amiran Robakidze is killed with two bullets. According to the information of the patrol police two sub-machine-guns, a pistol, a hand grenade and bullets were found in the car. A criminal case has been brought and the case will be investigated by Didube-Chugureti Prosecutor’s Office. The details of the investigation are not voiced. The case has been launched according to Article 113 of the Georgian Criminal Code (inevitable self-defense), first and second parts of Article 236 (purchasing and transporting of a fire gun) and Article 353 (armed resistance to the police).

Regional Court has already sentenced Giorgi Kurdadze, Akaku Bartaia and Kakhaber Azarashvili to pre-detention. Levan Dangadze and Irakli Mikaberidze have been sentenced to police supervision.

The case is that before the decision of the Regional Police Didube-Chugureti District Court had sentenced all the five youths to police supervision.

According to the relatives of the youths the employees of the Prosecutor’s Office upset by the decision exercised pressure on the court as a result of which some of the youths were detained and for the rest the decision of the District Court has been left into force.

As family members of the killed 19-year-old Amiran Robakidze state according to the materials of the case the killer of Amiran Robakidze can be seen as a victim. Amiran Robakidze, grandfather of the killed Amiran Robakidze says that this case is absurd and based on lies.

“The investigation has not yet finished the procedure of interrogation. We are trying to find out the truth and are addressing every instance for this reason. In my opinion the illegal activity of the patrol police has been proved when Didube-Chugureti District Court did not sentence imprisonment to the boys who had been charachterised as real criminals by the patrol police. As this decision would have been followed by agiotage, General prosecutor’s Office made an urgent phone call and Regional Court fulfilled the order – sentenced three of the boys to imprisonment. My grandson was innocent. He had never put even a small knife in his pocket” – says the grandfather of the killed Amiran Robakidze.