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Public Defender has Found Violations in Gldani Orphanage


Public Defender has Found Violations in Gldani Orphanage

Tbilisi.10.08.05.Media News. Head of the Freedom and Equality department of the office of Public Defender Beka Mindiashvili demanded resignation of Giorgi Tavadze, the director of the children’s social adaptation centre (Gldani Orphanage).

Rights of under-age children in Gldani orphanage is systematically violated as Beka Mindiashvili reported to “Media News”.

Gldani Orphanage was established by the initiative of Tbilisi city municipality on 1st of June. It is free-willed to stay in orphanage house. Children and teenagers from 8 to 18 can go to the orphanage as well as leave whenever they want. Nowadays almost 30 under-age children live in orphanage.

Public defender’s office stated that Gldani orphanage has problems with sanitation and disorder and as for the director, he is involved in corruption.

“Public Defender’s office held Monitoring in Gldani orphanage already for five times, last on July 28. They don’t have cloth, soup, tooth brushes, blankets and other most necessary things. Beds, which were bought for 230 GEL (approximately 150 USD) as they say are of so low quality that they collapse. Canalization system is out of order. On the first floor none of the taps can be locked because of what water is in the hall“- stated Beka Mindiashvili to “MediaNews”.

According to his information, there is monitoring council established for Gldani orphanage that consists of three ex-members of city municipality.

“These people receive salary 700 GEL for doing nothing and this is when neither of them had even visited the orphanage; security system is also functioning but security guards receive 150 GEL for although 3350 GEL is allocated for them, that means 400 GEL for each guard”- stated Beka Mindiashvili to “MediaNews”.

Director of Gldani Orphanage, Giorgi Tavadze denies accusations of Public Defender’s Office. According to his statement, he is used to this kind of accusations from the side of Public Defender.

“Maybe Public Defender’s Office wants to appoint someone else on my position. Financial Police rechecked the funding of Gldani Orphanage and they didn’t find any violation. Supervisor of Republic Sanitary inspection had also checked Gldani Orphanage. They will announce results in few days”- stated director of Gldani Orphanage to “MediaNews”.

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